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Why is my postpartum hair so dry

7 things you can do right now to restore healthy strands Wondering what was more dry than my postpartum hair?   Well, the Mohave Desert in summer possibly,  the gharial crocodile my 7 year old is obsessed with at the Waikiki zoo... maybe, my Uncle Robs joke about trying to grab fog... "but he mist"? Yes.   Ok but seriously, what is up with postpartum dry hair? How does one go from normal well hydrated strands to dry straw overnight?  More importantly what can I do to remedy it... fast.  How pregnancy affected your strands:  Backtracking to pregnancy/pre-pregnancy just a bit:   Ok so before you even conceived, your hair was on its natural three month cycle of growing, then...

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How Seasonal Changes Affect Postpartum Hair Loss

If you have started to notice more hair on your hairbrush again or on the bathroom tile, this may be more than just remnants of postpartum shedding.  As summer comes to an end in most parts of the world (Hawaii and the Bahamas  you can just ignore this), and fall/winter fast approaches, so does seasonal hair shedding.  Studies show that seasonal hair loss affects more women than men, and typically occurs during the fall months like September and October.

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My scalp is so oily after having a baby! What can I do?

There are some things about the 4th trimester that I had a vague awareness of.  The way my body would look after delivery (shout out to all the Moms posting real photos on IG so I wasn't disillusioned), the lack of sleep, constant milk machine, even the hair shedding.  What I had zero clue was that I would be able to rival John Travolta in Grease with my oily strands.  This isn't an exaggeration.  I would finally get the chance to take a shower and rinse my hair.  I would double shampoo, then condition and.... bam greasy oily scalp and hair...fresh from a wash.  WHY!!! 

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