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My scalp is so oily after having a baby! What can I do?

There are some things about the 4th trimester that I had a vague awareness of.  The way my body would look after delivery was a big one (shout out to all the Moms posting real photos on IG so I wasn't disillusioned). The lack of sleep I had been warned about, but you never fully grasp it until you are in it.  I wasn't informed I would be a constant milk machine, or that I would leave little trails of hair wherever I went like glitter ...except not glitter, and oh you better pick every little hair up or it could wrap around your babies toe and cause the blood to stop circulating (insert constant panic). I also had zero clue was...

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Does Breastfeeding Cause Postpartum Hair Loss?

Three years ago when I was still pregnant with my youngest I researched anything and everything that would prevent postpartum hair loss.  I joined every Mommy community out there and grilled seasoned Moms about what they had done that worked.  I was surprised that so many seemed to blame breastfeeding on their hair loss.  Do you lose vitamins while breastfeeding? The more I thought about it, the more the possibility grew on me.  When I had my first son I was breastfeeding exclusively and I remember feeling so drained and depleted after.  I ate more while pumping than I did during my pregnancy, which made me wonder now years later had I lost vitamins while pumping?  Had that loss affected...

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Can I go bald from postpartum hairloss?

If you are here reading this, chances are you are in the midst of it.  The constant hair fall and shedding that covers your bathroom floor.  The glimpses you allow yourself to catch as you walk by a mirror noticing how much thinner your hair looks.  The patchy scalp you try to cover up by changing your hair part, yet agonize over in the privacy of your own room.  The hair strands themself dryer than the summer you splashed in chlorine every day barely conditioning.   You are experiencing intense postpartum hair loss and its scary.  You may be wondering what is going on.  Why is your shedding so intense.  There are many factors to consider so lets layout a few....

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