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Baby Blues

Beauty Sleep Bundle

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The Baby Blues Beauty + Sleep Bundle is our best-selling exclusive nutrient-rich hair growth vitamins paired with the acclaimed skin superfood antioxidant gummies along with our soothing sleep support melatonin supplements.
The combination supports healthy hair growth with less shedding, along with glowing, supple, radiant skin; and the most delicious way to support restful and consistent sleep so you awake refreshed with diminished eye bags and puffiness.

This nutrient-rich trio combines Baby Blues' bestselling passion fruit hair gummies along with superfood skinglow: nourishing, antioxidant-rich skin gummies, and the melatonin soothing sleep supplement. 

Made to address deficiencies leading to hair loss and lack of volume along with dull + lackluster skin & those hard-to-fall-asleep nights. 

Consistent use leads to voluminous healthy hair with less shedding; as well as radiant-fed skin that appears luminous and fresh + a more rested and refreshed YOU!   It’s better hair, sleep, & skincare from the inside out.

This Set Contains:
  • 1 bottle Baby Blues Postpartum Hair Vitamin Gummies
  • 1 bottle Skinglow Superfood Antioxidant Gummies
  • 1 bottle Soothing Sleep Support Melatonin Gummies 

When to Expect Results: Sleep support should begin immediately, with hair and skin results approx 4-6 weeks
    Beauty Sleep Bundle - Baby Blues


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