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Postpartum Hair Loss

Specifically formulated for Postpartum Hair Loss

Giving Birth is Hard but what comes next isn't much easier

Your body is craving vitamins and minerals in order to restore your healthy hair. Our carefully formulated vitamin replenishes lost nutrients to promote hair growth and decrease shedding.

My Hair Loss Story

Postpartum hair loss also known as postpartum telogen effluvium, is the shedding of hair after giving birth due to changes in hormone levels. For some women, the hair loss is minor. But for others, it can be severe and it can be extremely distressing, especially given the physical, emotional, and psychological vulnerabilities women already face in the postpartum period. Looking in the mirror and seeing scalp staring back at me made me feel like I was no longer beautiful… 

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What Moms Everywhere Are Saying

"Best gift for a new Mommy! I use these still now that my kids are 6 and 8 and i have gorgeous shiny hair.  My lashes and nails are healthier too!" - Jade

"GAMECHANGER! First pregnancy recovery was the worst.  Its so weird no one talks about this! My doctor never told me my hair would literally fall out in clumps.  i thought it was stress.  My hairstylist told me about babyblues , took about 2 months and my hair was back to pre pregnancy thickness. Im still taking 6 months in and my hair has grown faster than i can ever remember." - Kelly

"I wish I had a before picture but the truth is, prior to taking Baby Blues Care the last thing I wanted was to be photographed. My hair was thin, falling out and because I am a swimmer the chlorine has really damaged my hair. I've been taking Baby Blues Care consistently for the last 3 weeks and see a huge difference." -Brandy

Highly recommend, my edges thinned all the way out after having my son I used these for 30 days and you can’t even tell. I’ll start buying these as a bonus shower gift for friends.

JIbri Ward- Richardson

I have been using these since about 3 months pp. I am now 13 months pp and continue to take. I was losing so much hair and found this product on Amazon It slowed down the hair loss and my hair is longer and thicker than it was before having my baby. I get compliments all the time Thank you baby blues!

Nilsa Vicente

This is literally the one product that isn’t a scam or letdown when it comes to hairloss! I’ve seen so many women post about baby hairs growing when they started taking these vitamins and it 100% happened to me too, in a month!! Im on baby #2 and I was going near bald from postpartum hairloss. After just a week of taking these vitamins, I stopped pulling out huge clumps of hair in the shower. I no longer want to cry at the sight of my hair!


With just having my third baby my postpartum hair loss was hitting hard. I decided to give the three month supply a try and this has helped tremendously. I will be ordering more to help continuing the growth!


3 weeks after!! Buy it.

Maria A.

This is only 28 days after! I was not comfortable putting my hair up in a bun because of the post partum hair loss. Now, I’m almost comfortable enough to put it up lol. I’ve been taking the gummies and using a biotin oil on the scalp and I’ve made progress, will continue. Just be warned the gummies do have a strong guava flavor but it’s not bad if you like guava!


Thanks to Baby Blues Hair Vitamins, my hair is restored. I have experienced growth all along my hairline and now I have my hair back. It’s full, soft and healthy. My hair stylist has confirmed it, too. Recently, that fact was really driven home when I cleaned my drainage screen and there was barely any hair in it. That’s my new norm! I seriously wish I had a before picture of my forehead and my drainage screen, but am including my after photo here. And, I’m not finding hair all over the floor of my condo anymore.


I never leave reviews! This product has helped my hair so much! I am not PP (had my last child 4 years ago). My bald/thinning spots have started to fill in. I’ve only been using these for two weeks. I’m seeing less hair loss while showering and brushing. Also losing less during the day/in between washes! I highly recommend these!

Taylor Burkhart

I believe these gummies along with rosemary oil (occasionally) saved my hair postpartum. These didn’t cause any side effects and tasted great.

Abbie Hurley

Not sure if these are magic, or just absolutely wonderful. The photos show my hairline in just two weeks. After I had my daughter, I unfortunately dealt with postpartum hair loss. Thank god I found these because they helped so much! I’m not the type to post reviews but I had to for this one. These taste great and they WORK! Not a fan of how expensive they are, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Madison Ryan

Started taking these vitamins at 3 months postpartum since I was noticing significant hair loss. I took the vitamins for 1 month and I noticed the major difference. I did also use hair oil growth combined with the gummies and I believe that is what got me to this point today! Needless to say, I recommend these gummies for sure!!


Had my baby in February and my hair loss didn’t start until probably about late May. And when I say hair loss I mean HUGE amounts. I’m surprised I’m not bald. At first I paid no mind to it because I was aware this was going to happen but then the actual balding began and I panicked. First picture was in March when my hair was still in good shape, and second was when I first started taking the gummies in July. The third pic is only one month of taking the gummies. I’m flabbergasted at how fast these work. My hairline is slowly growing back and I’m definitely going to try this for 3 more months.


Wow! This is 3.5 weeks of taking this every day. I’m 5 months postpartum now. The pictures speak for themselves.


I’m on my 3rd bottle and 3rd month of this product. I’ve seen definite improvement in the areas that I was really thinning in AND the loss I was experiencing as I brushed has significantly lessened. Whether it’s the product or the natural hair cycle I’m not sure but it definitely didn’t hurt my hair growth. Be religious about it and take it every day. The taste isn’t the best thing I’ve ever tasted but not horrible and you get used to it. Overall I will continue to purchase!


I can finally wear my hair in a bun again without worrying about bald spots.


Just about two months of taking this. This really helped my hair growth. Had really bad shedding from postpartum. I would definitely recommend these !


Hair Vitamin that WORKS! | Review from Antonia Osborne