The birth of Baby Blues:

In September of 2013 I gave birth to a handsome and healthy baby boy. My doctor had been so helpful during the pregnancy preparing me to take care of baby. Before I left the hospital I received pamphlets and watched videos equipping me with my job, keep this human alive and cared for. It was hard. Pumping took an emotional toll on me, I felt like a machine. I have always taken care with my appearance and wellness so I was determined to keep up with workouts and self care no matter how tired I was.

About three months after giving birth I felt like I finally had a routine down and the worst was behind me. I wasn’t prepared for the devastation that postpartum hair loss would cause. Here I was standing in my shower with hair clumping down the drain faced with the reality that my appearance was going to be greatly affected. My doctor never shared this would happen. I was scared and in shock.

Postpartum hair loss also known as postpartum telogen effluvium, is the shedding of hair after giving birth due to changes in hormone levels and letting go of all the vitamins we were holding onto when carrying baby. For some women, the hair loss is minor. But for others, it can be severe and it can be extremely distressing, especially given the physical, emotional, and psychological vulnerabilities women already face in the postpartum period.

Looking in the mirror and seeing scalp staring back at me made me feel like I was  no longer beautiful… I was now a recipient of an unwelcome side effect of being a Mom. I made an appointment with my hairstylist who suggested we chop my long hair off into a bob to conceal the extreme shedding as best as we could. I did.

For months after, I was self conscious in photos and embarrassed by my appearance. I had always had thick shiny hair, and now I felt like less of a person at a time when I needed an extra boost in self confidence. I created this vitamin blend for all the Mamas to replenish vitamins shed after delivery, and support healthy hair growth and health in the postpartum period.