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My scalp is so oily after having a baby! What can I do?

There are some things about the 4th trimester that I had a vague awareness of.  The way my body would look after delivery (shout out to all the Moms posting real photos on IG so I wasn't disillusioned), the lack of sleep, constant milk machine, even the hair shedding.  What I had zero clue was that I would be able to rival John Travolta in Grease with my oily strands.  This isn't an exaggeration.  I would finally get the chance to take a shower and rinse my hair.  I would double shampoo, then condition and.... bam greasy oily scalp and hair...fresh from a wash.  WHY!!! 

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What Happens To Hair When You Are Stressed?

No one told me my hair would fall out after I had a baby. Hashtag I hate postpartum hairloss.   No one told me my hair loss could be worse if I stressed about my hair falling out after baby or experienced one of the millions of reasons we have anxiety as a New Mom.  What many people will tell you is your hair loss is simply hormones and estrogen dropping.  The truth is, it can be much bigger than that.  A combination of stress shedding on top of the hormonal shed can be taking place as a New Mom and it's important to ensure your body is equipped to fight that, so you aren't lingering in the hair loss phase...

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Does Breastfeeding Cause Postpartum Hair Loss?

Three years ago when I was still pregnant with my youngest I researched anything and everything that would prevent postpartum hair loss.  I joined every Mommy community out there and grilled seasoned Moms about what they had done that worked.  I was surprised that so many seemed to blame breastfeeding on their hair loss.  Do you lose vitamins while breastfeeding? The more I thought about it, the more the possibility grew on me.  When I had my first son I was breastfeeding exclusively and I remember feeling so drained and depleted after.  I ate more while pumping than I did during my pregnancy, which made me wonder now years later had I lost vitamins while pumping?  Had that loss affected...

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Is stress from Covid-19 causing hair loss?

The coronavirus has had distressing effects on patients and those watching the pandemic unfold alike.  Manifesting in different ways for different people one common side effect we are hearing is hair loss.  Dermatologists are getting calls for appointments as people find clumps of hair on pillows and hair falling in the shower.  Some people have even admitted to their doctors they fear to brush their hair or showering because of the intense fallout they see with each wash or brush.  Doctors have shared how this can affect patients causing even more stress.  As the body deals with physical and emotional stress the nutrients it uses for hair production and the growth phase is shifted to other parts of the body. ...

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Do prenatals help with postpartum hair loss?

Being a new Mom is a balance of hearing "do this for the baby", "make sure you keep taking this for the well-being of the baby", "don't forget the DHA", along with questioning, "will this affect the baby while breastfeeding?"  Honestly it's a lot to navigate.  Then something happens to you.. something you might not have necessarily been anticipating.  You were prepared for the added weight, the milk coming in, the lack of sleep...but then your hair..on your head.. starts FALLING OUT.  Maybe leaving you with a patchy scalpy reminder of the way pregnancy changes our bodies. So you weren't given a whole lot to go on but Doctor did recommend you keep taking your prenatals after pregnancy.  Let's dive...

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