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How does collagen prevent postpartum hair loss?

The science of it: Years ago collagen was mainly marketed as the component surrounding the bones and as helping out joints move smoothly.  Further studies showed it had the ability to keep muscles and tendons together and even rebuild cartilage as well as help ease lower back pain.  Collagen and postpartum hair growth: So when did collagen make the jump to the postpartum world? It's now considered a fundamental component triggering hair growth. Collagen contains proline, considered a building block for hair.  It actually is the most abundant protein in humans making up 75% of our dry weight and 30% of our total protein mass. As we get older and start to lose more collagen, and then factor in sun...

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The Best Gifts For A New Mom Written By A Mom

If you've ever searched "the best gifts" for a specific occasion, chances are you've been met with a google listing of paid advertisements and sponsored posts.  As a Mom of two, I've been on the receiving end of gifting when a new baby was on the way.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for every thought and present showered upon me.  The fact that anyone spends time or money on me always tends to overwhelm me and I'm sincerely appreciative.   That said, these are some of the most used and loved products I've found to be the best as a New Mom, that aren't for the baby but for the Mother.  

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5 Things No One Told Me Would Happen After I Gave Birth

1. Your Hair Can Fall Out:  Ok so this isn't the first thing that could happen, it usually takes a few months...but I found it the most disturbing.  Here you are with one thing going for you while enduring pregnancy and childbirth ... that GORGEOUS PREGNANCY THICK HAIR.  Your body holding on to all those nutrients and your hormones giving you the best hair of your life, and then you deliver new life and BAM , bye bye pregnancy hair and hello patchy scalp. You will hear "it will grow back...eventually...probably", or "why don't you try a different haircut", or the ones that tried to act like I was worrying to much about my looks by suggesting I just focus...

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