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My first pregnancy ruined my hair, my second pregnancy I got smarter

My whole life I’ve had thick hair. The kind of thick hair that breaks hair ties. The kind of hair that received compliments when out shopping with my Mom or as I got older turned heads at the mall to the point where several times I was chased down to ask if my hair was a wig or mine. Thick Lebanese black hair.

During pregnancy, my hair took on a life of its own. By my second trimester with my son, Mason, my hair was shiny, thicker than ever, and living its best life blowing in the trade winds of my home in Hawaii. This isn’t surprising. Hormonal shifts during pregnancy help hair to remain in an active growing phase. Basically that means your hair isn’t falling out and you are still growing more hair. It isn’t uncommon for women to say they had their best hair while pregnant.

Flash forward about 3 months after giving birth to my son and I noticed extreme shedding in the shower. Some women will say the creepiest thing for them was all the strands stuck in their shower drain. For me, it was the scalp showing on my head. This experience can be dramatic for some and less so for others. For me dramatic was an understatement. Let’s put this in perspective. New baby, little sleep, laundry piling up, no alone time, body image the worst its been, pumping, nipples bleeding.. to name a few. The last thing i could have imagined would be that I now had a major hair problem. Shame and embarrassment took over. At a time when i needed a confident boost more than ever, I was given options like “let’s chop it all off”.

While it may be reassuring to a few to be told “give it a year or two and it will probably restore to its’ normal cycle” … it certainly wasn’t for me. I turned to my doctor (the person in the first place who didn’t tell me this as going to happen, and honestly seemed appalled that i was so concerned about my hair at such a time), who suggested a healthy diet and trying to limit my stress….( sure).

With little to no resources i dived in myself. Looking at products to help thicken the hair I had left helped slightly (think thickening shampoos and hair products). However the best thing i did was play pharmacist and concoct a handful of different vitamins to take simultaneously (biotin, iron, folate, vitamin c). After a few months on my vitamin regiment i noticed how much quicker my hair was growing and filling in the patchy scalp spots.

Four years later when pregnant with Finn my second son I started my regiment immediately after birth (literally the day after). I can say confidently it made the difference for me. No massive fall out, no patchy scalp, in fact, my hair continued to keep its thick appearance well into the next year of postpartum. Putting my concoction into one yummy hair gummy was as much for me as it is for any new mom. hair gummies were born out of a really traumatic experience for me and its the hope it can help other new Moms with the blow that hair fall out and shedding can deliver.

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