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Baby Blues

Pro Grow Pack

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Better Digestion for Better Hair Growth! 

We love a complimentary duo ❤️

The Baby Blues gut-balancing probiotics enhance and encourage the absorption of our customer-coveted postpartum hair vitamins; by delivering spore-forming (that's good bacteria) bacterium to the gut to assist with the breakdown of proteins that may be inhibiting (oh no!) vitamin absorbency.

With a healthy amount of DE111, these delicious fresh strawberry-flavored probiotic gummies are the perfect complement to our maximum strength lilikoi (yuuuum passion fruit) postpartum hair vitamin gummies. 

Shop probiotic and hair together for the first time and save while you do!

Better gut health so your hair vitamins can absorb faster and more efficiently; ensuring your results are more accelerated and hair growth is supported long-term.
This Set Contains:
  • 1 bottle Baby Blues postpartum hair vitamin gummies
  • 1 bottle Baby Blues probiotics gummies
    Pro Grow Pack - Baby Blues
    Pro Grow Pack - Baby Blues
    Inside Baby Blues Hair Vitamins
    Pro Grow Pack - Baby Blues
    Pro Grow Pack - Baby Blues
    Pro Grow Pack - Baby Blues


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