Grow and Glow Beauty Bundle
Grow and Glow Beauty Bundle
Hair and Skin Vitamins for New Moms
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Inside Baby Blues Hair Vitamins
Superfood Gummies for Healthy Skin

Grow and Glow Beauty Bundle

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Baby Blues exclusive nutrient-rich duo for healthier hair growth with less shedding and skin superfood delivering the ultimate glowy radiant skin.

This nutrient-rich duo combines Baby Blues bestselling passion fruit hair gummies along with superfood skinglow: nourishing, antioxidant-rich skin gummiesMade to address deficiencies leading to hair loss and lack of volume along with dull and lackluster skin. 

Consistent use leads to voluminous healthy hair with less shedding; as well as radiant fed skin that appears luminous and fresh.  It’s hair & skin care from the inside out.

This Set Contains:
  • 1 bottle Baby Blues postpartum hair vitamin gummies
  • 1 bottle Skinglow superfood antioxidant gummies

When to Expect Results: Four to six weeks