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Baby Blues

Gentle Hair Silk Scrunchies - Holiday Collection: Sleigh

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Baby Blues 100% mulberry silk scrunchies were crafted specifically to be gentle on delicate postpartum hair. Most traditional hair ties can tug on a new moms already shedding and fragile hair which can lead to further breakage, hair fall, and damage.

Our gentle scrunchies were not only made to minimize hair tugging and breakage; but also reduce the ridges caused by hair ties along with traction hair loss; which can occur from repeatedly wearing hair in the same style (hello mom bun).

These mulberry silk scrunchies were developed after moms shared their traction alopecia story (hair loss caused by repeated pulling on the hair). This condition can occur if a mom wears her hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or even tight braids. Without intervention, traction hair loss (traction alopecia) unfortunately may be permanent!

It was important to us to offer moms a better alternative to the traditional hair tie; as we recognize in the early days of motherhood getting our hair out of our face is necessary.

Our silk scrunchies are made from 22mm pure mulberry silk. We use the highest grade (6A) long fiber silk.

The Baby Blues mulberry silk scrunchies come in a set of 3 colors.  Silver nights & iconic red along with snow.
    Gentle Hair Silk Scrunchies - Holiday Collection: Sleigh


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