I Tried An Incredible Smoothing Treatment On My Postpartum Hair, And It Was Completely Worth It!

I Tried An Incredible Smoothing Treatment On My Postpartum Hair, And It Was Completely Worth It!

Wow! Ok, I'm just going to start off by saying it...

"I did not expect this treatment to work so well."

I am not exaggerating when I tell you,  my hair has been so silky smooth in the weeks after doing this. 

I should mention that I am washing my hair pretty much every day, as I run about 7 miles daily and can't stand to have that sweat on my scalp or hair.

Even with my daily washes, the treatment has not worn off and quite literally has been a complete game-changer for getting ready and presentable quickly. 

Also, I live warm weather where my hair would just love to embrace the postpartum texture change I received of a few waves in the most inconvenient places (I'm talking about the hairs smack in the middle of my bangs). 

Now, I've done keratin smoothing treatments previously (in fact I blogged my saphira smoothing treatment experience). But frankly, it doesn't come close to the results I've had with this. 

Needless to say, I will be recommending this smoothing treatment to EVERYONE this summer.

I'm guessing you are ready to know what has helped my hair smooth out so much, YES? 



Ok ok, drumroll..... I tried the Qiqi straightening treatment under the expert guidance of Jovan- salon owner, at Le Monde in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Prior to my treatment, I scoured Reddit looking for people's experiences and frankly couldn't find much of anything! I'm excited to share my own and shed a little light on this NEW treatment making its way to US salons. 

QIQI Hair Care Products

First of all, forgot what you think you know about keratin treatments. 

Qiqi is an advanced straightening treatment with different options for all different hair types and its non-damaging

I'm talking about clean ingredients here. Completely formaldehyde-free and it's base is organic vegan components. 

If you have any doubt that will make the results lacking, you would be way off.

Qiqi actually changes the hair's structure by reacting with disulphide bonds. You sit under heat, go through an ironing process , and leave with transformed: smooth & shiny hair. 

While I've seen this treatment touted as "permanent" the smooth hair lasts until new roots grow out, so about 3 months

I do have to say its not all perfection, there was one BIG surprise for the hair color girlies like myself. I'll get into that, as I go through my experience. 

My Experience:

Jovan is extremely familiar with my hair.  He is well aware of the uninvited texture changes I received postpartum and is always looking for new ways to deliver the best and smoothest results for me.

I've been growing my hair out, and taking literally THE BEST HAIR VITAMINS, for about a year consistently now- and I've managed to go from a short (mom-chop) bob... to past shoulder length thick growing hair

We started my visit with a double shampoo scalp cleanse.  We wanted my hair to be completely clean to best absorb the product to be applied next. 

The application of Qiqi is like paint brushing conditioner section by section on hair.

Once my hair was completely coated in Qiqi- meticulously from the root, I sat under a portable heater cap for about 50 min. 

I then made my way back to the shampoo bowl.  My hair was rinsed- but not a full rinse, the idea is to give it an 80% ish rinse and leave product on the hair.  It doesn't make complete sense to me , but Jovan knew exactly what that looked like so I felt like I was in good hands.

Right away my hair looked smooth. I had the shortest blow dry ever on my thick hair (because it smoothed out so fast)  and then it was sectioned for flat - ironing.

Then came the shock...

While my hair was pin straight & silky- the color had been really lifted.  

I do a root touch up monthly, to cover the pesky grays that just looove to show themselves against my jet black hair. Now my hair had a more brown/red tint to it and you could tell color had been lifted.

Jovan assured me this was normal and that the treatment really gets to the shaft of the hair.  The amazing thing about Qiqi is there is no downtime like the keratin treatments you are used to.

You can immediately put your hair in a scrunchie, you can go exercise, you can literally color it right after the treatment.

I personally chose to wait a few days and come back for my color retouch.  The biggest piece of advice I would give is if you have color on your hair that you love, book your color after or a few days after because the color will lift! 

Three days later I was back at the salon to do my color with zero issues, the color easily took, my hair is now the glossiest, slickest, smoothest its EVER been, with barely any effort.


My Takeaway: 

While I've seen decent results from keratin treatments, nothing has come close to QIqi for me.  The way it feels weeks after the initial treatment,  has blown my mind. 

I've read that continued use continues to deliver better results so I've scheduled my next treatment 3 months from now and will update you on my continued results! 

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