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Postpartum Awkward Hair Growth Growing Pains: 5 Styles to ask your Stylist for Now to help!

Ok ... The scoop is postpartum hair loss is temporary; lasting a few months to a year (usually) at the most.  Buuut that doesn't mean the sparsity of strands you are left with aren't less than ideal.  Then you factor in this weird spiky, often thin, regrowth.... and you basically have a WTF moment in the mirror that most likely leads to a frantic call to your stylist with a "HELP ME" plea.   We are doing a little leg work for you and serving up 5 styles that are just made to mask hair going through this growth stage. 

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How Seasonal Changes Affect Postpartum Hair Loss

If you have started to notice more hair on your hairbrush again or on the bathroom tile, this may be more than just remnants of postpartum shedding.  As summer comes to an end in most parts of the world (Hawaii and the Bahamas  you can just ignore this), and fall/winter fast approaches, so does seasonal hair shedding.  Studies show that seasonal hair loss affects more women than men, and typically occurs during the fall months like September and October.

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Is stress from Covid-19 causing hair loss?

The coronavirus has had distressing effects on patients and those watching the pandemic unfold alike.  Manifesting in different ways for different people one common side effect we are hearing is hair loss.  Dermatologists are getting calls for appointments as people find clumps of hair on pillows and hair falling in the shower.  Some people have even admitted to their doctors they fear to brush their hair or showering because of the intense fallout they see with each wash or brush.  Doctors have shared how this can affect patients causing even more stress.  As the body deals with physical and emotional stress the nutrients it uses for hair production and the growth phase is shifted to other parts of the body. ...

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