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Baby Blues

Mom's Multi Daily Multi-Vitamin Gummies

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The Baby Blues Mom's Multi was made to give Mom's a morning boost, while starting the day with two delicious fruit-flavored gummies packed with 12 key ingredients for daily nutritional support. 

Designed to fill nutritional gaps in Mom's diet, our gummies are packed with the perfect mix of vitamins & minerals to support overall health.

Being a mom is an incredible journey that changes more than just your daily routines—it transforms your body and mind in ways only motherhood can. That’s why we created Baby Blues Mom’s Multi, a specially formulated multivitamin for moms who want to reclaim and enhance their vitality postpartum.

Each gummy is packed with essential nutrients to support your health as you navigate the complexities of life post-baby:

Vitamin A: Keeps your immune system strong and your vision sharp, ensuring you can enjoy every moment with your little one with clarity.

Vitamin C: A vital antioxidant that not only strengthens your immune defenses but also rejuvenates your body, helping you feel refreshed and resilient.

Vitamin D: Enhances mood and bone health, crucial for maintaining your inner sunshine and physical wellness during the postpartum period.

Vitamin E: Shields your body from stress and nurtures your skin, letting your natural radiance shine through even on less-than-perfect days.

Vitamin B6 & B12: Power your energy metabolism and ensure optimal brain function, keeping you sharp and ready for the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Folic Acid: Fuels cell growth and renewal, essential for your body as it recovers and adjusts post-pregnancy.

Biotin: Boosts your metabolism and enhances the health of your hair, skin, and nails, empowering you to feel and look your best.

Iodine: Supports thyroid function for balanced energy and metabolism, helping you keep up with the endless demands of motherhood.

Zinc: Fortifies your immune system and supports healthy cell growth, essential for a mom’s busy life.

Baby Blues Mom’s Multi gummy vitamins are more than just a supplement; they are a daily ritual to support your health and well-being during the postpartum phase and beyond. Each gummy is crafted to be as delicious as it is nutritious, making it easy and enjoyable to stay on top of your health every day. Empower yourself with the best—because you deserve to feel amazing!

Our vitamin is soft, chewy, and delicious + Gluten-Free +Non-GMO + Gelatin Free + Vegetarian & Halal Certified. Cherry, Strawberry, & Orange Flavored

How to take: 

Our bottle comes with 90 pieces with a suggested serving size of 2 gummies a day. 

The Baby Blues vitamins work best to support Mom's nutritional needs when taken daily.



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