2024 Postpartum Mom Must Haves

2024 Postpartum Mom Must Haves

Forget the over-the-top push present! In 2024 we just want these postpartum little luxuries! 

We asked over 5,000 moms what they most needed postpartum & we are sharing their results.  Here is what Moms in 2024 are manifesting after delivery in 2024.


Surprisingly enough when I posed the question of "what are you most looking forward to postpartum" the first answer was food related.

Sushi has always been a highly rated answer but this year we started to see some more specific feedback in regards to wanting to be snack stocked for the weeks following delivery.

Think, dried mangos & tart dried cherries, mixed with cashews and almonds, protein bars... and yes chocolate.  Moms, you are wanting your own healthy trail mix stocked at home and we personally think this is so smart.

dried mangos

For breastfeeding moms,  the feedback was a resounding "I didn't realize how hungy I would be- even in the middle of the night" - I would love to be stocked with healthy groceries and snacks! 

@LaurenKawano who I adore, recently shared in her stories the protein bars she is obsessed with and I have kept them completely stocked in my home with two boxes minimum spared at all times.  

If you love oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies you may become equally obsessed with these as me.

Stack of GoMacro Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars

These gomacro protein bars fill me up and satisfy my sweet tooth cravings as well.  Get the 12-bar trays, trust me (https://www.gomacro.com).

Thankfully we live in an era where groceries can be delivered and even your favorite snack items can be door dashed in under an hour, but save a few $'s and stock up at least on the dry food items so you are ready to go postpartum! 

Postpartum Skincare:

One of my favorite mom-bloggers and former beauty editor at vogue @itsjennarennert recently posted about her postpartum skin flair ups; including a random rash 12 days after delivery along with sensitive and bumpy texture.  

Unfortunately this is all too common postpartum and many products your skin can normally tolerate just don't jive in the postpartum weeks and months. 

Jenna went back to the OG La Mer creme, and while it has a hefty pricepoint it is ultra calming, soothing, and free of parabens, pthtalates sulfates and the no good stuff you can't be applying to your skin during this more sensitive time. 

Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream 0

Other skincare postpartum favorites include ceraVe face cleanser, Tatcha serum stick, and good ole Vaseline! 

Postpartum Hair Helpers:

Postpartum Hair is having a moment and thanks to Tik Tok, youtube, reels, & mom forums.  I have to say the last few years- talking about postpartum hair really has been more and more normalized. 

I remember giving birth ten years ago and nooooo one talked about losing hair postpartum.  Now I'm served ads every other minute I'm online, for a vitamin or shampoo, or oil to help! 

While a lot of products claim to help you want to get the most bang for your $ when shopping for minimizing remedies. 

Remember postpartum hormonal hair-loss is normal but you can minimize the duration and work to speed up hair growth so less is in the shedding stage.

The #1 reviewed and rated postpartum hair vitamin is the Baby Blues Postpartum  Max Strength Hair Supplements.  With over 6,000 mcg biotin and a solid amount of collagen- you only need two gummies daily to improve hairs' growth rate along with texture and shine. 

If you know me, its no secret that I recommend these to everyone! My stylist takes them, my MIL takes them, friends, friends of friends, & even my kids teachers!

Everyone tells me how their hairline has improved, their edges are growing, the shedding stopped.. they are no longer making shower hair art, and their vacuum isn't choking on hair any longer.  Bottom line they work and are easy to take.  

No need to choke down pills several times a day, two of these max strength pectin (plant-based) gummies are enough to see improvements to your hairline in about two months! 


Wow! You guys really wanted tips and tricks to be comfortable for those endless days at home- yet look put together with the ability to grab a coffee or take a stroll. 

Ok lounge-wear we are loving under $100 and with a a must-have high waste as you requested are the Nike ribbed jersey flare pants.  So cute paired with a tee at home or the matching ribbed tops. 

They come in an assortment of colors and the slight flare makes them legitimately so flattering.  They are an easy put together uniform from drop-off to soccer practice, to coffee, and just for days at home (Nike.com). 

Nike Sportswear Women's High-Waisted Ribbed Jersey Flared Pants


No surprise here, New Moms are telling us they are manifesting more sleep in 2024 =) 

Ok but we might be able to help a bit! Momxiety and Momsomnia aren't just words that we made up... ok not sure if they are being recognized by Webster yet but we realize alot ALOT of you are going through it. 

While we can't ensure your baby will sleep through the night off the bat, we can make your rest time .. well more restful with our favorite finds.

1) The coziest blanket known to man: The chokehold this next recommendation has on me is crazy.  I cannot sleep without it.  I am a grown adult who also now has one for travel because I need to feel its cozy warmth on the plane.  It is no other than the Barefoot Dreams cozy chic  blanket (https://www.barefootdreams.com/).  You deserve to catch your minimal sleep wrapped in this cozy covering with unmatched softness. 

barefoot dreams

2.) When I lie down and my to-do list starts flowing and the anxiety of the next morning creeps in and all I really want to do is fall asleep but I can't... these strawberry soothing sleep support gummies from Baby Blues become complete lifesavers. 


Non-addicting and containing bodies naturally producing melatonin I am literally asleep in 20 min flat and I wake up without a groggy foggy feeling.  Take as needed and get the rest you deserve!  

We are so optimistic for 2024 and hitting all the recommendation requests you had from work-out wear to postpartum skin treatments, lasers, and even book recs. 

Let us know in the comments some of your favorite postpartum reccomendations or requests!  

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