5 Postpartum Hair Loss Hacks: #5 will shock you!

5 Postpartum Hair Loss Hacks: #5 will shock you!

Healthy hair is probably pretty important to you or you likely wouldn't be here.  

Then again, who doesn't want thick, shiny, healthier hair.. especially postpartum? 

I shared notes with my favorite stylists, dermatologist, my doctor; and the best of advisers.... other moms.

Here are our favorite simple and easy postpartum hair-loss hacks to get your hair healthier:


1. Oils, Deep Conditioners, Scalp Serums: Add them to your Workout! 

I wanted to try rosemary oil for hair growth so badly but kept finding I was wasting so much time applying it, waiting for it to soak in and then having to get back in the shower; rinse it out and then do my whole haircare routine.

Here's my tip, if you are working out a few times a week, apply the hair oil prior. 

A workout that you are going to have to shower after anyway; is a great time to multi-task with a hair oil on or deep conditioner applied to your strands.  

Now I full on have no shame; so you will certainly find me out on a run with my oiled scalp and deep conditioned ends under my hat.

hair conditioning postpartum

After, I exercise, I shampoo twice and then condition... I swear my hair is so velvety soft! 

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2. Ditch Rubber Hair Ties for Silk Scrunchies 

If you're reading this your hair is probably pulled up in some form of the mom bun, braid, or ponytail.  Am I a psychic? No.. I'm just a mom.

The thing is the rubber hair ties that most of us have acquired.. lost.. and re-acquired over the years are just plain bad for our hair! 

The bands cause friction and rub our hair follicles in whatever isolated area they are on. 

This damages the cuticle layer of the hair follicle.  Couple that with the probability that you probably wear the same hairstyle almost every day... and poof- damaged hair. 

Please please please switch to silk scrunchies. There are many brands and varieties out there; but its best to choose mulberry silk over generic silk or satin scrunchies.  

I kid you not, I have about ten packs of the Baby Blues Postpartum mulberry 100% silk scrunchies. 

They have a natural protein called Sericin that makes them so soft & gentle.  It even has anti-crease & moisturizing properties. 


3. Take a Hair Supplement: 

Probably should have made this tip #1 because it is literally the easiest + most effective thing you will do. 

Postpartum deals a few blows in the hormone department that triggers hair-loss. 

Postpartum also causes and amplifies deficiencies that might have stemmed after delivery, or are more prominent because of shared nutrition, less sleep and added stress. 

Adding a hair supplement is a really easy and great way to make sure your hair follicles and scalp have all the nutrition necessary to grow. 

This will keep the hair shedding period more minimal and also keep strands healthier during the postpartum period. 

You may already be continuing your prenatal so look for a vitamin that brings added collagen, and b vitamins to support hair growth and scalp sebum regulation.  

Adding a hair vitamins shouldn't break the bank, but also keep in mind that often times buying an isolated vitamin say like biotin isn't as effective.

Consuming a complete hair vitamins can be best because it combines vitamins for best efficacy. 

For example: Vitamin D and biotin work really well together and when taken together can give better results in the improvement of hair. 


My personal favorite: the baby blues postpartum hair vitamins, deliver 6,000 mcg biotin, a solid amount of collagen along with Vitamin D and some others for absorption with a seriously delicious taste of lilikoi from Hawaii! 

Not only does my hair grow faster but it looks healthier and shinier as well.

*A bonus for me has been seeing my lash growth and the softness of my hair overall since taking the Baby Blues supplements.  

4. Leave your hair down at night: 

Woman sleeping

I made this simple change with my second baby and I saw the impact within a few weeks.   

Most of us probably tie our hair back at night thinking it will keep it from tangling. 

However, that's actually not the case. 

We need to allow our hair follicles to relax rather than being pulled back in one direction all night. 

In fact constant, pulling- or wearing hair in the same position can lead to traction alopecia (hair loss on the crown of your head or hairline).  

If you still really can't imagine sleeping without your hair back you should be using a silk scrunchie and a silk pillowcase to avoid friction and breakage. 

 5. Don't forget to Snack! 

woman eating quinoa

This is your official reminder to snack often if you are postpartum and want to help your hair! 

 One of my absolute favorite hair studies is from trichologist Anabel Kinglsey, (daughter of the Philip Kingsley- major luxury haircare line alert).

Anabel researched and found that the energy to form hair cells diminishes approx. four hours after you eat a meal. 

So if you want to boost your hair growth energy levels... you likely need a snack!  

While your hair is likely very important to you and postpartum hair loss is more than likely stressing you out. Your body could kind of care less.  

Any nutrients you ingest are first going to go to the essential systems of the body- not your hair. 

The hair which your body classifies as "non-essential tissue" will get whatever is left over. 

Make sure you are supporting your hair growth with "energy producing foods and snacks" get extra protein, iron, and complex carbs like quinoa or potatoes. 


 We had some really great other hair hack submissions like a cold water rinse,  scalp massage, and ahem cleaning your hairbrush! 

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! 


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