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5 Baby-Proof hair styles; so your babies hands can't grab your postpartum hair!

Postpartum: the time in a new moms life when the body (physically+mentally) goes through more changes than you thought possible. 

For the sake of keeping this blog somewhat concise I will keep this about hair. 

By now you've probably learned that postpartum hair loss is a thing...correction, a thing with a vengeance. 

And while you are trying to navigate minimizing the hair shedding and putting effort into getting your hair to grow back (so you don't feel the winter wind through your scalp)

.......your babies grabby hands have bigger plans.

My sister recently sent me a text that really sums up this time, "forget postpartum hair loss, how am I supposed to keep my hair away from my baby-she's pulling out even more than I'm shedding!"

If you can no longer tell if the chunks you are losing are from postpartum or your 12lb bundle of joy with a death grip; this blog is for you. 

The five best ways to wear your hair so your baby can't grab it: 

1. The Dutch Braid:

new mom postpartum hair style

This is by far my favorite postpartum hair style as it's cute, can last a few days, is great for any hair type, and most importantly keeps my loose strands away from my baby.   

Even if your baby could care less about your hair, it's a great one for postpartum hair loss because you'll be less likely to lose strands throughout the day with it in braids. 

While there are countless Youtube videos for your viewing pleasure here is a quick guide on how to get the look:

    1. Step one: Start with center-parted hair and gently brush out any tangles. You can use the bridge of your nose as a guide for that center part and follow upwards your comb." Once you reach the bottom the part should feel like its in the middle of your neck. Then place your sections of halved hair over each shoulder.

    2. Step two: Grab three small pieces (about half an inch or less) at your hairline. The key point to remember with Dutch braids is to weave each piece under rather than over (basically the opposite of a French braid). The piece on the right goes under the middle, and then the piece on the left goes under that.

    3. Step three: Repeat the pattern of crossing the right section under the middle strand, and then the left section under the middle strand. Keep adding more hair (about a half- to three-quarter-inch) from the root each time you weave a new section.

    4. Step four: Once you reach the nape of your neck, switch to a regular three-strand braid.

    5. Step five: Tie it off at the end with a hair tie & repeat on your other side.

2. The Braid Bun

A super easy hair style that works great for second and third day hair too. 

The braid bun

Here's how to do it:

1. Section hair from the ear forward (both sides) leaving the face framing sections to be used for the braids.

2. Pull the rest of your hair into a low pony tale close to your neck- because your working with postpartum hair we always recommend using the baby blues gentle 100% mulberry silk scrunchies. You can manipulate that into a bun and the gentle scrunchie will still hold it firm but without added breakage and intense creasing. 

3. For the front pieces you can use a classic three strand dutch braid (hairs go under instead of over when braiding. You can pull at the braids and stretch them to look a little more full and then wrap then across the bun and bobby pin them underneath.

Baby won't have much hair to access with this cute look. 

baby proof braid bun

3. The headscarf 

The fashion girl in me is so excited about this one.  I could look through pinterest for hours getting major headscarf inspo.

postpartum head scarf


I mean!!!! So good and another great one for keeping any postpartum shedding in wraps. 

postpartum mom head scarf





4. The loose braided ponytail

postpartum loose braid pony

Even though I love the look of the dutch braid this is my go to no fuss hair out of my face and kids hand hair style.   The loose braided pony is effortless and boho chic timeless.  If your hair is on the thinner side and the one braid looks lackluster roll that braid into a bun and use a gentle scrunchie or hair clip to secure it. 

5. The Claw 

90's babies who are now Mama's can appreciate this next style.  The clip claw was wildly popular when I was in jr. high, and it has made a big comeback. 

An it girl must have accessory; and the bonus?  It's actually really great for postpartum hair. 

Unlike a banded hair tie it doesn't pull or yank at the hair. 

The fact that its fashion forward right now kind of makes it perfect. 

The clip claw quickly gets hair off your neck and shoulders... even that unwashed/often unbrushed hair. 

Literally just one chomp and you are suddenly looking retro chic it's a total #momhack. 

 postpartum hair clip claw


 *The Cut

Just going to put this out there for the mom truly sick of the hand grabs.. I give you the cool girl bob.

postpartum bob


If you’re really sick of your baby grabbing at your strands, it might be the right time to cut it off. This bob screams chic.  Even if you only want it this short for the interim; it is ultra stylish and totally baby proof.  

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