Christmas as a Mom is hard

Christmas As A Mom- Are You Ok?

Today I sit in the bit of lingering mom isolation that I still carry since having my two boys,  wondering if it's just me feeling the overwhelming stress of this season....

Last year my husband forwarded me a quote that said:

"As a grown-up I've learned that all the 'Christmas Magic' I felt as a kid was just a mom who loved me so damn much."

In the past few days I've seen it reposted and make its rounds again on the various social sites, and I still feel this intense sense of pressure every time I read it. 

Getting a tree, decorating, buying many gifts for the teachers, the cousins, the kids, the neighbors in your building that gift you... keeping a spare on hand for the 'surprise gifter' the office mates, then there's holiday spirit week at school and you need to sign up for classroom treats,  .....+ don't forget buying an elf because kindergarten does elf on the shelf (and now my son thinks he's been bad at home because one isn't visiting here yet). 

Not only buying the elf but then creating elaborate scenerios to compete with the other kids elves; who apparently go in hot air balloons, create snow angels, and bake elaborate treats!  

 elf on the shelf hot air balloon

photo: peachyparade on Instagram 

It's  a lot.  Are You Ok?

Christmas Is Not The Same As A Mom: 

The thing is... all these magical things that need to get done now need to get done by you. 

The financial pressure mounts this time of year, the school calendar is out of control with musical performances and class parties, the right outfits for get-togethers.

Are we doing a Christmas Card? We've never done one but should we now that we have kids? 

We have to get the Santa picture! Awe, he loves Santa this year...  "Omg Why did Santa get so skinny?"santa photo

The wrapping the eating, the endless gifts of treats when I'm wanting to lose the last of the baby weight.  The wanting to feel beautiful while masking the bits of postpartum I don't feel great about. 

The pressure of wanting a picture with my kids on Christmas Eve or Day.

christmas photo with kids

"Trying to get a Christmas Photo with kids who would like to do anything but that" 

Do we do matching pajamas?  Where is everyone getting these matching pajamas? 

I hate it, and I love it, and it's a blur of anxiety, stress, and absolutely pure love for my kids. 

Thank you Mom for taking on the 'magic making' I feel it's heaviness and I hope you are ok, and thank you so very much for loving and supporting our business this year.

hair growth for christmas  

Happy Holidays, 

Love Jamie & the Baby Blues Team

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