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I Took Postpartum Hair Vitamins 2 Years After Having My Baby And This Is What Happened!

For as long as I can remember my hair has been fairly easy to maintain. Naturally it’s jet black and bone straight.

Because my hair was so “easy”, growing up I never put too much thought into maintenance, care or styling.

I was always just a wash, brush and air dry kind of girl; and fortunately that worked out for many years! 

What’s unfortunate, is that because my hair was so low maintenance, I would neglect to cut it as often as I should have.

In hindsight I realize how hard on my hair this was, but I would go through this horrific cycle of growing my hair out really long, noticing that it’s dry/brittle, cutting 4-6 inches off --and repeat.

I did this annually! 

If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten regular trims!

I also never considered taking a hair vitamin, or using heat protection, and I would just grab whatever drug store shampoo was on sale.


When I was a kid my mom would never let me color my hair.

So what did I do as soon as I turned 18 and was in college? Box color it of course.

I hate to admit it, but mom was right, I didn’t realize how damaged my hair would become.

Just four months after coloring my hair for the first time, I got pregnant. Little did I know how much pregnancy/postpartum would shake up my hair!

Like many women, I had no issues with my hair during my pregnancy.

My prenatal vitamins/hormonees kept my hair lush and full.

It wasn’t until my daughter was four months old that I would experience the horror that is postpartum hair loss.

Quite frankly, I did not know about postpartum hair loss even existed, until it happened to me.

I still vividly remember brushing my hair one day and seeing a literal clump in my hair brush.

My jaw dropped to the ground and I immediately googled why this was happening.

I was a tad relieved to find out that postpartum hair loss impacts over 50% of new moms and that nothing out of the ordinary was happening to me.

I went down the google rabbit hole of postpartum hair loss solutions and got zero hits. This was in 2018!

As much as I hated losing my hair, having it grow back and getting those little spikes along my hair line was even worse.

I still remember someone asking me if I was trying out some new type of bangs in reference to my hair growing back. I know they didn’t have malicious intent but it still made me self-conscious.

postpartum hair growth

Losing the hair that I neglected to take care of made me appreciate it so much more when it did grow back!

Two Years Postpartum: 

Two years postpartum though, and I was still struggling with hair growth.  I had little baby hairs but they were thin and not growing out well.

I found Baby Blues Hair Vitamins in 2020. 

Initially I was hesitant to try a postpartum hair vitamin, was I too late to the game to take something to help? 

I was reassured that the amount of biotin and collagen along with other vitamins for absorption could help my hair at any stage- even well beyond postpartum, so I decided to give them a try! 

I don't want to get ahead of my good results but.... I oh so badly wished that they were around when I was postpartum (definitely could have saved me some strands)!

Although not technically postpartum when I started the Baby Blues gummies; they have greatly improved the quality of my hair, & nails, aaaand lashes! 

One of the first things I noticed a few weeks in, was how long and healthy my nails were growing.  

long nails growing on baby blues vitamins 

By my third bottle I could see the postpartum baby hairs that had elusively become stunted; they were now growing out to a length that I could actually blend into my hairline. 

Because I had bigger overall hair health goals than just growing out baby hairs, I continued to take the hair supplements- and my hair is literally the thickest, shiniest and healthiest it has ever been. 

My current hair goal is to grow it out long (we’re talking belly button long!) and healthy. Knowing what I know, this will take a lot of patience and time.

Long hair with baby blues hair vitamins

I’ve never grown my hair out in the long/healthy manner, I’ve just gone extended periods without a haircut.  I'm so excited to actually have long, thick, healthy growing hair! 

Update: Healthy Hair Growth with a good amount of natural shine and the best part is because I don't have vitamin deficiencies because I'm supplementing it doesn't tangle! 

Hair growth baby blues vitamins 

Written and contributed by: Brandy Yeh

Brandy is the store administrator at Nordstrom Ala Moana & Mom to a thriving & energetic little girl. 


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