Is birth control causing my hair loss?

It's possible birth control is causing your hair to shed.  Here's something none of the doctors that ever prescribed birth control to me told me about.  If baldness runs in your family birth control can speed up the hair loss process.   

Many birth control pills on the market contain Androgen, in its stronger form DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone responsible for the  thinning, or minimizing, of scalp hair follicles.  If you are sensitive to hormonal changes you can have hair loss to varying degrees while on the Pill or, more commonly, several weeks or months after stopping the Pill.

Is the pill causing your hair loss?

Not all women are alike when it comes to hormone-related hair shedding or balding. The condition, technically called telogen effluvium, can happen literally at any time while on the pill.   Some women notice thinning when they first start oral contraception, others don’t see changes until after they’ve stopped taking it. This temporary balding is typically minimal, but that might not be reassuring to you when you are watching your once full and lustrous locks start to look stringy.

This hair loss is similar to that which occurs after pregnancy.  Women experience varying degrees of hair shedding or fallout.  While this loss should adjust within 6 months of stopping the pill (postpartum fall out can last up to a year), some is more severe. 

Similar to postpartum hair shed, areas to adjust to help this fall is diet (ensure you are consuming enough protein). Look for foods rich in nutrients that support hair health, such as healthy fats, green leafy vegetables, and lean proteins.

Consider a supplement: Biotin, folate, keratin, B12 are all great vitamins to replenish your body with and encourage hair growth and thicker hair. 

Reduce Stress:  Easier said than done, but stressing about your appearance and hair loss will only make things worse.  Do your best to find healthy solutions in the meantime.  Look into volumizing hair products or when possible adjust your hair part to look more full. 

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