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Nuts for Postpartum Hair Loss?

The idea alone of moms going through postpartum hair loss after carrying a human to term, is honestly a LOT nutty (pun). 

It makes about as much sense as my maternity jeans with fake pockets.... seriously what is that about? 

But..... to put a postpartum mom through postpartum hair loss after their body just stretched out just seems cruel! Really, our hair too?

Moving away from a rant on why we have to go through postpartum hair loss... and on to nutsFollow me here...

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Ok, so my Lebanese aunties were very insistent that I needed to eat nuts after having my son because they would help my milk supply and my hair.  

My aunties are notorious for having nuts just readily available at their houses. 

A fancy plate of cashews,  Jordan almonds (if you haven't tried these coated almonds you are missing out on a delicious treat), and now that I'm living in Hawaii, I'm the one sending out my personal favorites: macadamia nuts (mango chipotle might change your life, but anything with a little spice on it is amazing).

I love a good generational secret weapon so this blog investigates if there is any truth to their recommendation.

But, based on the gorgeous hair affluent in the Arabic culture I was already leaning towards, they must know what they are talking about....but did they? 


In addition to being pretty tasty and a convenient snack, nuts are actually packed with some hair growth friendly nutrients. 

Nuts such as almonds and walnuts contain a good amount of biotin, B-vitamins, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, plus plenty of protein and magnesium. 

The above nutrients are a solid way to strengthen hairs cuticles and nourish the scalp. 

In fact, a double blind placebo controlled study in 2015 analyzed if adding biotin and protein to the diet of women with self-perceived thinning hair would promote hair growth, and it checked out. 

So, science seems to be in agreement here.  

Noteworthy: If you google the best foods to eat to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth, nuts pretty much make the list every single time! 


One of my favorite nuts are cashews.  I keep a container of honey roasted and sea salt cashews on my kitchen counter. 

I'm sure you are interested to know that I add some dried cranberries, sometimes dark chocolate baking chips and make my own version of trail mix. =)

 I never researched it, but for me cashews seemed to keep my milk supply pretty strong during the breastfeeding months; so I always stocked up on the big containers at Costco and ate a handful quite literally every time I pumped.

For Hair:

Turns out cashews are packed with potassium and other nutrients that are really beneficial for the scalp. 

Not only do they promote hair growth, but they prevent the scalp from shedding hair unnecessarily. 

I am a believer that all postpartum hair loss is unnecessary; so I file these under a daily diet staple. 


My love for cashews is pretty extensive so I did a little deeper dive into their benefits. 

My obsession with them is your gain; because turns out they are amazing.

Cashews are the storehouse of zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, and phosphorus.

They are rich in proteins and vitamins that can improve the skin's complexion and prevent wrinkles (WHHHAAAAAT). 

Want shiny hair, less grays, and jello skin? 

Cashews contain copper which promotes hair growth and prevents our hair from premature greying. 

The nuts are rich in antioxidants that promote the growth of new cells in your skin (this includes scalp skin). 

When your skin is able to regenerate faster it helps it maintain its elasticity.  (Heard of the jello skin trend? Cashews are great for giving skin that bounce back). 

Eating cashews daily can help your body fight free radicles and ensure hair is silky and smooth. 

I had always heard advice to be careful because nuts are fatty; but turns out cashews are so rich in vitamin c, that they actually slow down the process of weight-gain, making them a favorite for pregnant and postpartum moms because they actually lower the chances of stretch marks! 

How many nuts should I eat daily for hair growth?

While there's no set quantity; (nut recommendations vary from at least 4 servings a week to approximately 15 nuts daily) adding a handful of healthy hair nuts to your routine can make a good difference in encouraging hair growth and less shedding; while giving you better skin and silkier strands!

What I've learned from my own journey is you can try all the serums and conditioning treatments in the world, but nothing works quite as well as making your hair grow faster... from the inside.   

The hair vitamins you take during postpartum and the nutrition you give your body is so important.  

Your hair is directly affected by the vitamins and nutrients you consume so get nutty, and let us know in the comments if you see any changes! 


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