Ozempic: Postpartum Weight-Loss & Hair Loss

Ozempic: Postpartum Weight-Loss & Hair Loss

"After you deliver, we can look into starting you on a pharmaceutical option like Ozempic for the postpartum weight."  This was what my best friends doctor let her know during her 32 week check-up. 

Managing postpartum weight-gain has been a concern for new moms since ... I'm really not sure, but it feels like forever. 

I remember being truly exhausted... but still waking up early and grinding it out with diet and exercise postpartum; as soon as my doctor cleared me for more strenuous activity.   

Doing crunches in the dark after putting the baby down, sipping coffee between arm weight sets in the living room, I felt the need to be back to my pre-baby weight, ...and fast. 

In the past year or so pharmaceutical intervention has begun to be offered to those struggling to achieve their weight goals; with a new amplified focus on those looking to reach their postpartum weight-loss goals. 

But what are the impacts? Safety? Long-term & short term side-effects no one is really talking about, especially when it comes to HAIR? Let's dive in.  


How Does it Work? 

Whichever brand of semaglutide (Ozempic, Rybelsus, Trulicity, or Mounjaro you may be looking at, typically it will operate the same way.  Basically acting as a mechanism that improves blood sugar control, your appetite, and desired food intake. 

For new mothers who are undergoing hormonal shifts that really impact their hunger and ability to lose weight; taking something that inhibits that hunger can have its advantages.

For many (myself included), being at home more than usual with a new born can make one prone to snacking and consuming more than you might normally (especially after that night feed).  

There is also the concept that sleep deprivation and the extra stress can make weight-loss more difficult. 

Of course, the struggle of not seeing results necessarily "quickly" with just diet and exercise can be frustrating for a new mom wanting her body "back" , as well.

Ozempic and other semaglutides: for many changes this.

It's considered to be an encouraging mental shift for a new mom to experience and see weight fall-off more quickly; according to several clinical studies.

Faster weight loss = improved self-esteem and body image= overall feelings of well-being? 

When pregnant with her second baby, Stassi Schroeder shared on the 'Call her Daddy' podcast:
Stassi Schroeder
(photo: Martina Tolot)

“Oh, my God, I really want to try it when I give birth,” Schroeder, 34, said with a laugh. “The amount of times I’ve researched this being like, ‘I mean, I think it’s safe and healthy. Like, I think it’s good for you. It’s like taking vitamins.' ”

“But, like, come on, anyone who hears about Ozempic has to f–king be curious. You are a liar if you tell me that you have not thought about it, thought about jumping on that train,” Schroeder said, doubling down on her stance. “Have I Googled Ozempic and what it would be like, and am I thinking about it? Yes, I am.”

She went on to say how after her first she ate bone broth for dinner six months straight in an attempt to drop the pregnancy weight gain.. going on to say “I kind of don’t feel like doing that again,” Schroeder quipped. “Like, I don’t want to.” 

However you feel about it, its hard to blame a new mom for hating the snap-back culture that we live in and restrictive diets that I see so many new moms go on. 


Safety & Side Effects:  

Let's be really clear, while these semaglutides offer some promising expedited weight-loss postpartum the entire process and application should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor/healthcare provider. 

**You need to be extremely transparent of your goals and also your breastfeeding status. 

Keep in mind that Ozempic and semaglutides have only recently been in use for those without their initial intention of Diabetes treatment and the long-term studies on new moms and the impacts it may have are just not solid yet.

Side Effects: 

With any drop in weight gain more suddenly, there are side-effects.  One particular one that might have new moms ill-at-ease would be the impacts on hair.  

Plenty of people experience hair-loss while taking Ozempic or a semaglutide. 

This is not tied to the medication itself necessarily, but to the "stress" that the sudden weight loss has on the body. 

This hair-shedding can last for several months while the body adjusts to the stress but can be especially shocking to a new mom already experiencing a hormonal hair-fall shed.

Keep in mind, hair is one of the last places to absorb nutrients so with less caloric intake and desire to eat, you'll want to ensure that what you are consuming is good for you, and good for your hair! 

This hair shedding is not just limited to those taking a prescription semaglutide though. 

I cannot tell you how many women on any new diet/restrictive eating such as Paleo & Keto, that reach out after experiencing a diet "dread-shed." 

Turning to the Baby Blues Hair Supplements to jump-start the hair growth again and support hair with the vitamins and collagen needed.  

At the least when turning to these diets or semaglutides I would keep consistent with a hair vitamin to minimize the shedding and keep hair growing. 

Other Options:

Maybe the idea of Ozempic or a semaglutide will never be for you.  I 100% get that.  As someone who delivered 5+ years ago; we weren't even entertaining this option and its crazy to think about how quickly things have changed in the weight-loss space.

However, as a new mom I do see the benefit of turning off the insatiable hunger a bit.  Like I mentioned, I was home a lot with my new born, and even though I was exercising and eating well - I had to fight constantly wanting to snack.

I turned to Apple Cider Vinegar , which is in some ways.... if I could be so bold,  might be considered "Nature's Ozempic' .  

ACV with the 'Mother' has properties that delays stomach emptying, reducing the rate food leaves the stomach and enters the lower digestive tract. This made me feel full longer and less likely to snack.   

Another bonus is the energy boost it gives, so I was happy to take it prior to a workout or in the middle of the day for a bit of a pick-me-up.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies - Baby Blues



I know several people who have experienced incredible weight-loss transformations while taking Ozempic and using the Baby Blues  Hair Supplements to continue to promote healthy hair growth.

However, I do not know anyone postpartum who has used a semaglutide for that postpartum weight-loss benefit. 

Please let us know in the comments your thoughts, or if its something you have tried, or would consider. 




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