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Water for Postpartum Hair Loss? Why dehydration may be the reason for your falling strands.

Water accounts for about 25% of the weight of a single hair strand.  Ensuring that you drink enough water energizes and supports hair growth all the way from the scalp to the ends of the hair strand.  Dehydration can cause hair to stop growing. Your hair roots, are the only pipeline that water is supplied from the body to your hair so to put it simply; if you want your postpartum hair to grow back; you need to be drinking enough water.  But how much is actually enough? 

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Postpartum Awkward Hair Growth Growing Pains: 5 Styles to ask your Stylist for Now to help!

Ok ... The scoop is postpartum hair loss is temporary; lasting a few months to a year (usually) at the most.  Buuut that doesn't mean the sparsity of strands you are left with aren't less than ideal.  Then you factor in this weird spiky, often thin, regrowth.... and you basically have a WTF moment in the mirror that most likely leads to a frantic call to your stylist with a "HELP ME" plea.   We are doing a little leg work for you and serving up 5 styles that are just made to mask hair going through this growth stage. 

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