Can Red Light Therapy Grow Back My Hair After Postpartum Hair Loss?

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When I became a Mom for the first time I remember complaining about the toll being a Mom had taken on my appearance.  I had bags under my eyes, my skin was acting out, I was tired from pumping, and then the massive blow of (well it seemed massive to me) hair shedding occurred.  I simply felt like the worst version of myself.  

I drowned my appearance sorrows in retail therapy.  As a new Mom in her mid 30's I decided it was time to up my self-care game.  I purchased a NuFace hoping to shock and tone my face into a more youthful version of myself. 

NuFace toning device

I re-evaulated my skincare and switched to products with words like firming, and wrinkle reducing.  To make sure that skincare absorbed I added the Beauty Bio glo pro micro-needler to my routine. 

Beauty Bio Glo Pro Microneedling Device

I didn't stop there on my quest for pre-baby me: I bought the Lightstim red light therapy handheld device hoping to Netflix and chill with a red glow firming my tired skin. 

My new skincare and self-care gave my wallet a hit but admittedly my confidence a slight boost.  The hair fallout and patchy areas of scalp I could see however continued to affect me.  I started my postpartum Baby Blues Hair gummies, but while waiting for results to kick in through the next hair cycle I also started using my red light device on my scalp.  

Red light therapy is gaining popularity with the public for encouraging hair growth. Backed by clinical research red light therapy has increased hair density and thickness along with hair count in both men and women. 

So why does red light help? Red light therapy increases circulation and stimulates new growth, leading to better scalp health. Just light red light therapy speeds up healing, it also prompts the body to grow hair faster.  

LightStim Red Light Handheld Device

Because how quickly the popularity of using red light therapy for hair growth is becoming, I think we are just at the tip of the research.

Is my handheld light therapy device enough? I'm not sure but when you are losing hair you are pretty much willing to give anything a shot, so when I complete using the handheld on my face I simply run it over the crown of my head and any area affected by the hair loss and hope for the best! 

1 comment

Ana Pantoja
Ana Pantoja

Hello, I’m wondering if this worked at all? Did you notice any improvements with any of these things, particularly the red light therapy? I’m due in 3 months and so far, I’ve had every single symptom on the baby apps so I’m sure I’m going to be shedding like a German shepherd!

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