5 Things No One Told Me Would Happen After I Gave Birth

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1. Your Hair Can Fall Out:  Ok so this isn't the first thing that could happen, it usually takes a few months...but I found it the most disturbing.  Here you are with one thing going for you while enduring pregnancy and childbirth ... that GORGEOUS PREGNANCY THICK HAIR.  Your body holding on to all those nutrients and your hormones giving you the best hair of your life, and then you deliver new life and BAM , bye bye pregnancy hair and hello patchy scalp. You will hear "it will grow back...eventually...probably", or "why don't you try a different haircut", or the ones that tried to act like I was worrying to much about my looks by suggesting I just focus on the baby. Ummm ok thanks I focus on the baby plenty but my hair is literally falling out in chunks. 

 You might also consider upping your handy vacuum game because hair is going to be all over your bathroom tiles, the kitchen, basically anywhere you go you'll be shedding.   It sucks and it comes at a time when you could really use a self confidence boost.   I found one in the Baby Blues postnatal Hair Vitamins.  If you need an assist to combat this disturbing gift post pregnancy deals us give it a try

2. You are going to be Bloody:  Whether you give birth (c-section or va-j) you are going to bleed after you give birth. This delightful discharge is called lochia and if that name doesn't sound appealing, maybe its because it isn't.  It can last two to six weeks after you give birth. You will be given the biggest pads ever made in the hospital because tampons are a big NO. You will waddle and sleep with this pad.  FUN TIMES. 

3. Your boobs will inflate:  Hard boobs. That was wild.  All of a sudden your milk comes in and you suddenly have these gigantic unmoving crazy boobs (especially if you skip a feeding).  If you were small chested like me to begin with you might think this will be a fun welcome change, but WRONG!  They are stiff and uncomfortable and let's just pray a duct never clogs because that is next level excruciating. 

4. Going #2 will be scary:  Basically, its going to hurt and be awkward and I don't have a lot else to say here but it makes the list because its definitely not something you would be thinking would worry you after you give birth and it becomes this big event.  So, you've been warned. 

5. You limbo in second trimester body for awhile: The baby you give birth to will take a load off no doubt, but your body is going to take some time.  You limbo in second trimester slightly doughiness for a bit.  Take it easy on yourself.  Celebrities and public figures have made the bounce back seem instant.  They have a lot of help. 


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Such a great read. I was in for such a wake up call after I gave birth, so many things happened (everything you mentioned) that I had no idea about or was prepared for. Had I read blog post this before having a baby, I would have felt much more confident. Thank you for this post.

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