Why Are More Women Experiencing Hair Loss?

Trichologists (a doctor who can diagnose the causes of hair loss, diseases of the scalp and treat accordingly) are providing data that they are treating more female than male patients for hair loss. We took a dive into why.

Iron deficiency: this can be with or without anemia but it is certainly one of the leading causes


High Copper: High Copper usually from tap water passed through copper pipes can decrease zinc levels. Low zinc levels can lead to dry hair and subsequently hair fall out. 

Poor Protein Intake:  If you notice redness and scaly scalp as well as scaliness around the eyebrows, chances are you aren't getting enough protein (or essential fatty acid in your diet).  If you think you do consume enough protein, think about the conditions you are under when you eat.  Are you stressed? Do you eat too quickly? Malabsorption can occur from a lack of stomach acid or pancreatic enzymes. 

Hair loss will occur approximately a hair cycle after the nutritional deficiencies have been corrected (3 months). If diet is optimal and stress levels decrease, hair return to normal thickness after. 

Anemia: the most common cause of long-term hair loss. Surprisingly to many, anemia is not just low iron. Under-active thyroid and blood sugar are increasing reasons as to why hair loss is occurring as well. Its important to find the cause and correct it to reduce the loss of hair. 

Genetic Thinning: With the increase in oral contraceptives more and more women are being seen for genetic thinning, or areas in the top front of the scalp thinning out. Birth control causes the hair to move from the growing phase to the resting phase too soon and for too long. Large amounts of hair can fall out during this process. If baldness runs in your family, birth control can speed up this process. Extreme stress can trigger this as well in women who would be predisposition to the effects. 


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