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The Inversion Method for Postpartum Hair Growth

I recently read that those who practice the inversion hair method, believe it helps hair grow an extra inch - two inches per month.

I don't know about you, but that seems really significant considering hair grows approx a half inch a month (or 6 inches a year).  

Could you truly get 2-4x the average hair growth by hanging upside down a few times a week?

inversion method hair growth

If there was ever someone trying to grow new hair back quickly, it would be a new mom going through postpartum hair loss, so scroll down as I share what I learned on this scalp stimulating method. 

What is the inversion hair growth method?

The inversion method, is technically a trend.  It's pretty near impossible to find a scientific study around it, but like the trend suggests, the inversion method is inverting your head to encourage blood flow to the scalp

The idea behind the growth method is you will be stimulating your scalp and hair follicles with a rush of blood flow.  

How do you do it? 

hair upside downMake like your toddler and get upside down

Since you likely don't own an inversion table, one the easiest way of trying the inversion method is to lay over the side of your bed our couch

You could also do a headstand, sit on a chair and lean you head down, or frankly stand up and bend your head down to touch your toes. 

However you prefer to invert yourself is your call.  Most who practice inversion recommend taking a hair oil like castor, coconut, rosemary, jojoba etc and massaging it into your scalp prior.

Then you invert for 3 -5 minutes and do this consecutively for a week (1-2 times a day) leaving the oil in for a few hours.

inversion method hair growth


After a week of consistently inverting you take a break and then do it again after 3-4 weeks.

Don't Try this if: 

Hanging with your head down for a few minutes likely won't cause any harm, but if you notice you feel dizzy, or your blood pressure is increasing you should stop.

Additionally if you suffer from back or neck pain, vertigo, heart disease, or if you are pregnant don't give it a go.

Does it work?

inversion method hair growth

Doctors are quick to deny the inversion method really does anything; as it hasn't been studied.  However if you browse online or tik-tok you may see some compelling before and afters.

What most doctors will agree on, is that stimulating the scalp with and oil can be beneficial along with adding a hair vitamin to your daily diet. 

When I aked my personal dermatologist about the inversion method for hair growth his reply was,  "The best results I see for hair, is when my patients take care of their hair a whole and don't just focus on growth.  

By this I mean drinking lots of water, a hair healthy nutritional diet, taking some "me time" after having a new baby, exercising, taking a probiotic, and adding hair vitamins like the Baby Blues Postpartum Hair Supplements.  Those patients, typically in 3 months have a good turnaround with healthy hair growth." 

Since inversion has been touted as having some benefits for memory and concentration I don't see why it would hurt to try for hair growth. 

What do you think? Sound off in the comments if you've given this a try or will be trying it out.  

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