Andrea's Story

I cannot say enough about this product!

After my first child, my hair loss began a few weeks after birth and it was awful. It lasted for six months and my normally thick hair was thin, frazzled, and I had bald spots. As a fitness trainer, I was so self-conscious teaching classes and going to the gym. I wore huge headbands and hats and feared washing my hair because I didn't want to lose any more of it!

I had my second child in May of 2022 and was nervous again about postpartum hair loss. I knew I could not prevent it from happening, especially because I breastfeed, but I wanted a better way to manage it.

Then I found Baby Blues! I have LOVED my results.

Not only did they slow the hair loss, but I see new growth every day and my hair is thicker and of deeper, more rich brunette color! Even the grays have disappeared!

My husband has noticed and I am so thankful that this product has given me the momma confidence I need!

Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is hard enough! Suffering through hair loss makes it harder! And even though it IS a part of the experience for many, this product has made it manageable and my hair is growing better than ever! I can style it and not worry about it falling out anymore.

I am so grateful! I thought I would take the product for one month to see if I liked it, but now I am on month three and the results are INCREDIBLE!

I plan to continue taking it because I love how I feel overall and I LOVE my fresh locks!

Thank you, Baby Blues!

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