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Should you try Hair Cycling for Postpartum Hair Loss?

Feeling like your hair texture just isn't what it once was... since delivery? 

Maybe it's the oiler scalp that's the culprit; or the dry breaking ends... or maybe it's the sensitive scalp paired with... all of the above.

Whatever the case, Tik Tok has coined the term "Hair Cycling" and we can't help but think how on point it is for new moms to mix up their haircare routine at a time when their hair has gone through so many changes! 

 What Exactly is Hair Cycling? 

hair cycling

If your familiar with hair cycling's predecessor: skin cycling, you'll know that it's a four night skin routine that has two days where actives are used: (retinol, chemical exfoliant etc) and then two days where the skin recovers and is hydrated and nourished (think overnight face mask).

Hair cycling mimics this concept by taking into account specific shampoo/conditioners that support your hair & scalp & alternating them. 

First, one should really hone in on the condition of their hair. 

Is your scalp oily, requiring a detox shampoo? Are the ends dry and could use a hair mask.  Really looking at your hair and how it's changed post baby is important. 

A scalp clarifying detox shampoo might be followed the next wash with a bond-building shampoo and conditioner; and then you might reset the next wash back to a hydrating treatment or perhaps a smoothing shampoo/conditioner.

The point being, you're mixing it up. 

So, Should You Be Hair Cycling?

Chances are a majority of you have already done some sort of hair cycling. 

It's common postpartum for the scalp and hair to become greasy.  If you've picked up on this. and made an adjustment to your shampoo (perhaps adding tea tree oil, or an apple cider vinegar rinse) you are in essence- hair cycling. 

Additionally treating fragile breaking hair or hair suffering from hair loss to a deeply hydrating hair mask weekly is also a version.  

In the past you may have made changes based on where you've lived, weather, if you've colored your hair , or endeavored on diet changes, or pregnancy. 

Should you adjust your haircare routine based on changes to your body, environment, or hair applications and heat tools? Absolutely. 

postpartum hair cycling

Ways to Hair Cycle for Postpartum Hair Loss:

My best recommendation when it comes to hair cycling during the postpartum period is start with your scalp.

Is your scalp trending dry or oily? This likely will be a departure from what's normal for you.

During winter months many scalps become drier and we recommend adding a scalp serum or treatment to keep it moisturized. 

If your scalp is feeling oiler and you're noticing your hair is leaning on the oilier side; a clarifying shampoo or an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse may be ideal.

For mom's with dry hair, adding an oil to your hair may be the first step in your cycling. 

You can even add a hair growth oil (or drops of rosemary oil) mixed with something more hydrating like castor oil. 

Massage the oil to your scalp and hair as the first step in your routine.  

How I Hair Cycle: 

For me, the postpartum greasy scalp and hair was the worst.  So where I previously would do a clarifying shampoo treatment once a month; I bumped this up to once a week.  

I only apply the clarifying shampoo to my scalp.  I would follow this by soaking my ends in a hair masque (my favorites are shu uemura and kerastase). 

On a normal day I would use either my kerastase genesis shampoo or my smoothing shampoo depending on if I'm styling my hair straight that day (always use heat protectant before heat styling). 

Broken down this might look like: 

First Wash: detox and moisturize

*clarifying the scalp + add moisture back to the hair. Use a scalp scrub followed by a hair mask + a post wash scalp serum

Second Wash Day: Repair

A strengthening shampoo or bond building shampoo. +  Color treated shine glaze to restore shine

Third Wash: Address Hair Issues

Frizz/Dullness/Volume etc.  Choosing a shampoo that defines your style. 

Hair Cycling Thoughts: 

My biggest take-away when it comes to Hair Cycling, is that it calls on the user to really evaluate the state of their hair; and make adjustments accordingly.

The ask: that you evaluate and really take measures to care for your hair over a period of washes.

Love that, though I don't really think its a new concept; I'm ok if Tik Tok thinks it is.

Be Consistent With This:

When it comes to haircare there are somethings, you should be really consistent with. 

Healthy hair foods: lots of iron, protein, water, heat protectants, eliminating tight hairstyles and hair bands; and the biggest gamechanger for me that deliverers shinier + healthier hair is taking hair vitamins every day to bridge the cap from stress, seasonal hair loss, and of course postpartum. 

Will you try hair cycling? Do you already incorporate this method? Let us know ion the comments <3  


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