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Hair Loss After Pregnancy and Biotin

Biotin seems to be the celebrity ingredient for healthy hair. But does it work?

More specifically is it the magic ingredient to jumpstart regrowth of postpartum hair shedding? 

Hair loss can be a symptom of biotin deficiency.  So with that in mind, we would reason biotin supplementation is thought to benefit people with hair loss or thinning hair who have a biotin deficiency.  

 After pregnancy, biotin deficiency has been shown to cause rapid hair loss.

Biotin is a necessary B-vitamin that plays a large role in healthy hair growth and is often lost after pregnancy with hormonal changes. 

Those sudden changes can make the loss noticeable and stressful on Mom who is already dealing with a lot of changes. 

Let's face it though, being constantly reassured that biotin deficiency is normal after pregnancy really isn't helpful when you are looking in the mirror and seeing bald spots. 

Biotin supplementation,  along with some other powerhouse vitamins like Vitamin C, can support hair growth.   It can also strengthen and replace the vitamins the body is shedding when hormonal change occurs.

Take a look at Baby Blues Hair Vitamins for Postpartum Hair Loss that contain Biotin, Collagen, B12, Vitamin C, and more.

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