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Here's What Happened When I Tried A Keratin Treatment On My Postpartum Hair

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I looooove a good hair treatment.  Give me the deep conditioning mask, the latest clarifying scalp treatment or a gloss coat, I want them all. 

It's actually surprising, given the amount of time I spend with a flat iron or hot tool in hand; I never tried a Keratin smoothing treatment.....until now.

Two kids later and my hair developed a few "new waves" in unwelcome locations (Why did my hair type change after pregnancy).

The first: smack dab in the middle of my Euro Chic bangs.  I actually had to buy a teeny tiny flat iron to try to avoid ocean wave bangs and keep them straight. 

The other two troublesome places my hair decided to get some kinks- is around my ears and down the backside of my head.  

I like my hair smooth and polished and the weird sections of frizz were manageable (until you stepped outside in humidity or rain), but annoying. 

When I arrived for my April cut- my stylist, Jovan had just finished a Saphira Keratin smoothing treatment on his guest, and her hair was enviably smooth and soft looking. 

He explained that the new keratin treatments weren't damaging like the reputation they previously had, and really made a big difference especially during the summer months when frizz is at an all time high.

I couldn't resist trying this treatment so I could report back.  Here's how it went: 


Clarifying Pre-Wash 2x:  

To begin the smoothing treatment my hair was washed.. and then washed again. 

This clarifying treatment would ensure strands are clean and able to absorb the product best. 

Honestly since there is nothing better than someone massaging your scalp and hair, you will not mind the extra wash. 

Towel Dry Hair & Section:

My hair was then towel dried and kind of sectioned into quadrants for the actual keratin treatment application. 

Apply Treatment: 


Saphira Intense Element Mineral Treatment for Damaged Hair and Tough Curls - smoothing treatment

Jovan used the Saphira smoothing treatment on my strands.  This is a deviation from some keratin smoothing treatments that break the cuticle. 

Instead,, Saphira is a mineral blend that wraps around the strands with the minerals, smoothing and relaxing them without being damaging to the hair strand.  

It basically looks like glossy conditioner that is brushed onto your hair and combed through section by section. 

*Pro Tip: Ask for a Towel to cover your nose and eyes: while the treatment is non damaging for your hair- the smell of the application was a lot to take in. 

My eyes instantly were watering.  Jovan had a towel ready and instructed me to cover my eyes while he finished as the smell really got my eyes burning.

This continued in my car after the treatment was done, opened windows and I was ok but the smell is a lot, not gonna lie. 

Dry Hair Without a Brush on Low Heat:

My hair was then dried on low heat. I have pretty thick hair so this experience took longer than I expected.  A brush is not used during this rough dry either so you just feel the stylists hands kind of moving your hair about.

Heat Protection & Flat Iron by Sections: 

My hair was sprayed with a heat protection from Saphira and then sectioned again to be flat ironed on low heat with about 3 passes per section with the iron. 

Immediately After: 

Once the hair has been flat-ironed the process is complete. 

The hair has a heaviness too it with the treatment on it (remember you haven't rinsed off the treatment- you've only dried and flat ironed it).  Kind of like if you applied castor oil or a conditioner to your hair and then flat ironed it- it has a heaviness almost oiliness to it but yet, it did look really shiny and smooth.  

*You should not wash your hair for 48-72 hours after the treatment. 

Did it work? 

I managed to go 4 whole days without washing my hair after the treatment. 

Frankly I'm an over achiever and I wanted to get the most bang for my $. (Coming in at about $250 for the treatment I wasn't about to blow it by washing my hair too early). 

Day 4 my hair was super oily and my kids were singing at a school performance so I was excited to get dressed up and finally wash my hair (nothing better than when a wash day aligns when you have somewhere to go). 

My hair dried faster than usual, and as I'd hoped looked significantly smooth and soft even before I got my flat iron out. 

Overall it took much less time to get my hair styled. 

Living in Hawaii, I've dealt with warm weather wanting to expand my hair into a bit of a frizz ball for all the the 15 years I've been here. 

However, sitting outside for my kids performance in the humidity, did not mess with how my hair looked or felt.

My hair looked best after the 3rd wash when the heaviness from the treatment was fully washed out and I was left with silky hair with really great movement.

In the weeks that have followed the treatment I've noticed how much less time I've spent styling and drying my hair. 

Less time with hot tools ultimately means less damage too.  

My hair looks velvety, smooth, and glossy.

While I've always taken care of my hair and worked to keep it thick and healthy by taking my hair vitamins daily , I have to say the keratin treatment has lived up to the hype for me.

The annoying hairs by the side of my face that like to curl stay straight and smooth and my hair doesn't frizz up in the heat and humidity.

The treatment lasts about 3-5 months depending on your lifestyle and how often you wash it. 


keratin smooth treatment

I've decided I'm going to get a follow up treatment in the middle of summer and report back if anythings changed.

For postpartum moms I would say if you are exploring the idea of a keratin treatment because your hair texture has changed since having your baby or its easier for you to style smooth straight hair vs. curls this could be a really great treatment.

Styling time is cut down and it does look polished with minimal effort.

Breastfeeding mother's should check with their doctor.  This is a topical treatment so its unlikely to impact breastmilk or supply, however the smell and formaldehyde that some treatments use may be best to hold off until you have finished weaning. 

It may ultimately be best to wait until you are several months to a year postpartum as hormones are still causing changes to hair texture, degree of curl, and frizz of the hair.  

You would hate to spend that much money only to have hormones to blame for new changes. 

I personally waited until I was over a year postpartum to try the treatment.

I did not experience any new hair fall due to the keratin treatment.  I am religious about taking my hair vitamins and I credit this in no small part to that. 

*My treatment was done at Le Monde Salon in Honolulu, Hawaii


Let us know in the comments if you've tried a Keratin Treatment postpartum and how it was for you. 


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