Morpheus 8 before and after

Here's what happened when I tried Morpheus 8 microneedling to help my sagging skin postpartum!

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I'm not really a complainer, but I recently turned 40 and have found myself blaming my two boys for much of what makes me self-conscious with my skin & body.

I feel justified in the fact that I birthed two humans, stretching my body to accommodate them comfortably, while putting up with injustices like pregnancy and postpartum melasma, discoloration, lasting redness in my face, and stretched skin.

I've had a few skincare concerns that I really wanted to prioritize addressing this year...

(my skin since having kids has a redness too it, the texture has changed from pregnancy breakouts and melasma, + I've noticed added lines and just overall sagging). 

I talked to my favorite esthetician Shana, and she suggested we try Morpheus 8, & here is what happened- (scroll for the before and afters- trust me)...


What is Morpheus 8?

Firstly, Morpheus 8 is a microneedling device.

It uses thin needles to create tiny breaks in the skin that rush collagen to the surface to heal them. 

These fractions help minimize fine lines, skin discoloration, mild scars (acne), and creepiness (such a weird word- but I definitely saw creepiness in my skin post kids). 

What's different about Morpheus 8 vs. just microneedling is that it also uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen & elastin production at a deeper skin level than  microneedling alone. 

Morpheus 8 uses 24 thin needle pins to penetrate the sub-dermal tissue and then rejuvenate the area. 

The energy tightens the area treated giving skin not only a smoother look but also a tighter, firmer, and SNATCHED appearance.

Morpheus 8 needles


Pre-Treatment Routine: 

I scheduled my 3 treatments spaced a month apart each.  I had about 3 weeks before my first round and was told to do everything I could to keep my skin clear and discolored. 

Shana said "start using growth factor serum if you aren't already." Growth factors, and antioxidants (topical and consuming them) will really help the skin repair and strengthen the barrier. 

Sharing the 4 products I swear by for pre-treatment and after:

Morpheus 8 skincare routine 

My Morpheus 8 skincare pre-routine consisted of:

*Skinceuticals discoloration defense

*Perricone MD- Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum

*Epi.logic collagen renew growth factor serum

*Baby Blues Skin Glow Superfood Antioxidant Radiant Skin Support Vitamins 



I was numbed for about 40+ minutes on treatment day.  If you think that seems lengthy, well it is, but with good reason. 

Let's just say you definitely feel the needles.  Kinda like if a stapler gun was being shot all over your face.   

Even with the numbing it's a BIG OUCH. 

The treatment itself isn't that long- maybe 15 minutes but you'll be in office for at least an hour because of how long you wait to numb up.

Every time during treatment, I felt like -- "oh man I can't do this anymore", Shana would say something like "ok, snatching this jawline now".. and I would grit and take it. 

Immediately after you are red.

Morpheus red face post treatment


The redness/slight swelling however only lasts maybe 2-ish hours.  I was back doing preschool pick up without feeling self-conscious. 

After the procedure for 3 days you put nothing on your face- aside from Aquafor if you feel dry.  

I was good about avoiding salty food (to minimize swelling) and I continued to take the skinglow supplements which have over 12 super-fruit antioxidants in them to help encourage skin repair and promote collagen.

On the 5th day post procedure I was back to my regular skincare routine including retinol and exfoliating. 

Holy Cow-Results! 

I continued this monthly routing for a total of 3 treatments.  We took before and after pictures to track the progress (NO FILTER). 

I continued my normal daily activities (I live in Hawaii so I'm outside often - wearing hat and sunscreen), I swim a few times a week with the kids , and run approx 4 times a week outdoors, as well.

When I look at my 3 treatment results I see skin that has such better clarity, it's snatched, its firm, even wrinkles look diminished. 

Morpheus 8 before and after

                              Before                                               3 Treatments




Morpheus 8 before and after

                    Morpheus 8 results- 3 treatments spaced 1 month apart 

When looking at my skin now I see discoloration (esp lingering redness) is lessening, I see wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are diminishing, my skin overall looks tighter but still has good bounce (thanks to increased collagen production). 

My skin looks more lifted. I've had people ask if I've lost weight (I haven't) because my face has tightened/lifted.

I'm pretty blown away from the results of just 3 treatments.  

I have always believed good skincare is incredibly important so I do think that the shared products helped with my recovery, and as I've gotten older I see the value of really adding support from the inside (not just topical things) and the skin glow antioxidant supplements are also something I will continue to keep up (in-fact Shana my practitioner started taking them after seeing how good my recovery and results have been).

Let me know what you think of my progress, and I'll be sure to update this blog when 6 treatments have been completed. 

UPDATE: 9/5/23: Postpartum Skincare update after 6 treatments of morpheus laser with 3 months since last treatment: 


Jawline is completely snatched 6 treatments later 

morpheus treatment 6 months

morpheus laser

Clarity of skin continues to improve,  I've continued the Baby Blues Skinglow Supplements and have also added the Baby Blues probiotics to continue helping my skin and glow. 

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Yvonne Rangel
Yvonne Rangel

All I can say is WOW!! your skin looks absolutely beautiful! Calling my Dr. now to ask if this is available! Thank you and keep us posted with the rest of the treatments.

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