Postpartum lash loss

Postpartum eye-lash loss! What I did to grow my lashes back ASAP

Postpartum hair loss is starting to get the attention it deserves, and I'm glad because frankly-- it's so unfair that we have to go through it and we should really be prepared for it!   

What came as a complete surprise (and with very limited google-search information) was waking up to an actual bald spot in my lash line.   

Postpartum eye-lash loss IS REAL.

Chances are you are hearing it here first, and I'm so sorry.   

I really had two things going for me looks-wise- gorgeous exotic long lashes and good hair.

These are the very two things that hormones and deficiencies just haaaad to come for. 


For me, the lashes were scary because I had a literal bald spot where my full lashes used to be (see image) and I really didn't even know losing my lashes was a possibility! 

postpartum lash bald spot

Luckily for you, I'm going to share everything I did to grow my hair back fast, and to avoid major lash loss with baby #2.



Since my google-search was so lack-luster and scarce, I spoke to my doctor about why my lashes were..well... also so lack-luster and scarce.

Turns out lash-loss can be linked to hormones, but often times it's more commonly linked to a deficiency.   

While many women will experience postpartum hair loss, -lash loss can be a bit more telling. 

Firstly, if you are seeing lash scarcity it's a good idea to get your thyroid checked. 

While my lash shedding occurred after delivery, women can actually experience it during the pregnancy and often times it's linked to a thyroid issue.

While this issue will likely eventually resolve (1-1.5 years postpartum), I for one do not like to wait these sort of things out, and if you are like me, read on...

Accelerating Postpartum Lash Growth: 

Here's the thing.  There are a tons of lash serums out there. A ton. 

Unfortunately I haven't come across one that is actually perfectly safe while breastfeeding, that also works well.

I'm going to stress - the "that works well" part because there are a few on the market that say breastfeeding safe- but IMO,  didn't work great.

Grandelash MD has been a lash serum favorite; but it's not safe for lactating mothers. 

Another alternative is castor oil applied to the lashes and brows, but again that can be absorbed by the body and actually acts like a laxative.  

Trust me you don't want the chance of this passing through your body if you are breastfeeding (think laxative on the already crazy baby poops you are dealing with, let alone how uncomfortable baby could get). 

Non - breastfeeding moms, Some favorites of mine are:

Augustinus Bader The Eyebrow & Lash Enhancing Serum

GrandeLash MD lash serum

Revitalash lash serum

Castor oil (applied on lashes and brows)

I've actually found over the years that I like alternating the serum I use because- maybe its in my head- but I feel like my lashes get used to one, so I like to shock my system and switch brands on and off.

Turns out finding something to help my lashes was more stressful than I thought, and my go to serums just weren't going to cut it for the time being.

 I know I'm not alone in this.  I recently read from a mom & hairstylist,

"My eyelashes look so bad! they are so short and stubby. I haven't been wearing mascara lately hoping that would help but it hasn't.

I remember cutting a lady hair onetime and she had thinned out a ton from breasfeeding.. I wonder if my eyelashes aren't growing because of breasfeeding?? Anyone else having hair/lash issues???"

With lash serums out- I turned to supplements. 

I'm a big fan of supplements postpartum

I truly believe our bodies are going through so much, and supporting not only recovery but another life- really takes a toll & can deplete us. 

What supplements I took: 

First addition to my supplement routine were postpartum hair vitamins.  Vitamins are a longer game- so you need to take them really consistently (luckily the ones I take taste good so I never forget). 

I chose the maximum strength baby blues postpartum hair vitamins and took them every day for 3 months with pretty astonishing lash growth.

postpartum lash growth hair vitamins

(First photo: no filter: lashes are not curled and there is no mascara- second is curled with elleeplex clear mascara)

While taking those daily I also took their apple cider vinegar gummies on the suggestion of my doctor.  What's interesting about acv for hair growth is:

ACV increases acidity and lowers ph, it can support smoother, stronger, shinier hair/lashes along with accelerated growth. 

While I was mostly focusing on growing my lashes back, I actually noticed they did appear shinier!  You can also clearly see my former bald spot has completely grown in. 

Baby Blues Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies 

 I'm amazed at what bridging hair nutritional deficiencies with the hair supplements, and adding apple cider vinegar to my daily consumption- for just over 3 months; achieved for my lashes.

Let me know in the comments if you experienced lash loss in addition to postpartum hair loss! 

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