I took postpartum hair vitamins for 3 months and this is what happened

On top of being a tired new mom with bags under my eyes and a lingering pouch on my middle section I suddenly found myself losing hair everywhere from the shower, to my car, to the pediatrician.  Everywhere I went I was leaving trails.  I knew about Telogen Effluvium (postpartum hair loss).  I had every intention of letting it just run its course.


 That is, until I looked in the mirror and saw a bald spot forming on my head. 

What I did next is what any normal person with a bald spot forming on their head would do... I cried... pulled myself together and asked every random person on social media and the baby tracker app I use what I should do. 

When a few mentioned trying the baby blues postpartum hair vitamins I decided they couldn't hurt. 

My goal

I had a bald spot forming on the top of my head and I compared with some images moms who delivered around the same time as me shared.  It was clear we all wanted to stop losing so much hair constantly and thicken up whatever hair we had left, along with grow back our hair.   I was skeptical something as simple as a vitamin could help me with this but taking a gummy isn't that hard and to be frank the price was 3 times less than a brand my friend was taking so here I went. 

I was told to try these specifically by a few people but others mentioned using biotin or collagen to help, which these already have.  My ob brought up PABA which is used to help shedding also included in the baby blues gummies so that is why I chose these.  

Month 1: 

postpartum hair loss in the shower

Sharing photos of what it was like to take a shower or run my fingers through my hair at 3 months pp. when I started adding the hair gummies.  Pro of month 1: They tasted ridiculously good.  I take them both in the morning around 7 am and honestly I started really looking forwarded to it because they go down like candy.

Three weeks into month one and my hair loss hasn't really changed. If I run my hands through my hair I'm not noticing much change.  However the company was very adamant it takes 3 months to impact hair loss so I decide to stick with it.  One change I have noticed by the end of month one is my nails are feeling thicker and harder. I've never had great nails so its something.



About two weeks into month 2 of taking the baby blues postpartum hair vitamins and I started to see some changes.  At first I didn't even think about it but when I ran my hands through my hair, clumps didn't come out.  Or I could be in my car and I wouldn't see hair flying around (not attached to my head) with the ac on.

 Showers weren't such a scary place anymore as I wasn't cleaning clumps from the drain.  I was also trimming my nails weekly at this point because they just decided to thrive. 

I hadn't made any changes to my shampoo or conditioner but my hair did seem softer and more manageable.  When I went to see my stylist without mentioning the vitamins I was taking, this was actually something she noticed. I guess if your hairstylist is asking you for tips on what you are doing something is going right.

In analyzing my scalp there was new hair growth and I wasn't looking as bare as two months prior which was promising. 


Month 3 

I'm just going to start this paragraph with anyone that tells you something can fix your hair in a few weeks is lying to you. It genuinely took until month 3 of taking the gummies every day religiously for me to be willing to truly recommend this to someone else.  

By month 3 all my hair was noticeably growing. I had enough new growth on the spot on my head that was bare for it to actually look healthy again. 

healthy hair growth over bald spot

I have never worn extensions so I don't know what its like to have fuller hair overnight but by the end of month three I had thick enough dark hair to rival a Kardashian wearing extensions. 

I'll keep this recap short and sweet.  This whole process was really simple enough and the results I wanted were achieved. The gummies taste really good and even though I've hit the three month mark I've re-ordered as the company said continued use delivers better results.  The price is comparable to other hair vitamins and you seem to get more bang for your buck on the ingredient side. 

Here's to filling in bald spots and less shower hair fall scares for the Mama's. 

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    It is ok to take if I am breastfeeding?

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