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The one thing that helped my postpartum hair loss... and I tried everything.


My postpartum journey ended up being nothing like I had expected... 

Maybe it was the stress of trying for 7 years to get pregnant again with our rainbow baby. 

When I did get pregnant I started to envision everything going perfect from then on. However, right before I was scheduled to have my c-section a record breaking hurricane hit and I was evacuated to another city to give birth. 

I returned home to recover with no lights, running water, or air conditioning. It was the dead of summer and you can imagine how unpleasant that was but I was home with my baby... ready to take on whatever challenge was going to be thrown at me next. 

Correction, thought I was ready.  It was during the next few weeks that I started noticing my hair falling out.  It was just a few extra strands at first so I didn't worry myself about it.  

At around 4 months postpartum my hair was falling out by the handfuls.  I have always had super think and healthy hair. 

my healthy long hair


This was my fourth pregnancy and I had never experienced anything like the amount of hair I was losing. I called my doctor and she said I was losing hair because I was breastfeeding and it would clear on its own. 

I started panicking.  My hair was falling our so bad that I was sweeping the floor in my bathroom daily and vacuuming my bedroom at least once a day as well.  The panic escalated every time I needed to wash or brush my hair. 

I cried almost every time I washed it because so much would fall out. 

I did everything you read about. I switched shampoos and stopped brushing with a hairbrush and instead used a wide tooth comb. I didn't use heat.  I tried everything. 

Instead of helping, I noticed bald spots were forming.  This was the most terrifying for me.  

This is when I heard about the baby blues postpartum hair vitamins.  With literally nothing to lose I started taking them. Two every morning. I prayed for the good results I had heard about.  

I immediately loved the taste and I am super picky!  

After 1 month of taking them I decided to chop off all my hair because I couldn't stand the constant shedding and breakage. My hair not only had been falling out but it had about an inch of breakage. 


April 24th 2021 2.5 months into taking my vitamins I started seeing results! My hair loss had slowed tremendously! I wasn’t seeing as much fall out in the bath or on the floors and my bald spots were filling in nicely.


I might add that in that time I had also lost my eye lashes and they now had grown back fully!


Today I am 11 months postpartum and my hair has completely grown back and it is about an inch longer!

postpartum hair loss recovery with baby blues vitamins

I'm confident again and when you see pictures of me with my baby you cannot even tell I went through this traumatic hair shedding. 

postpartum hair regrowth mom and baby


I absolutely love my results and I would recommend them to anyone experiencing postpartum hair loss!



The hair loss was traumatic for me as I had no idea that postpartum hair loss was even a thing that happened so I am so thankful to have found the baby blues postpartum hair vitamins when I did. So grateful they worked. 


6 months pp hair growth

 6 months growth! I'm so happy



I have taken the baby blues hair vitamins for 6 months now. At two months taking them I had so much hair growing back. I have received compliments from my hair stylists and family who have noticed how much better my hair looks. I don’t think I can quit them to be honest. I thought I would have to hack my hair off. They have transformed my hair. Get the three-pack ( to start for sure. I’m saving up to try some of the other products.

Joan Palazzolo
Joan Palazzolo

Hi. Just read your ad. I am 85 and have been losing it for years. Now it is critical to me. I know I am old etc etc. I would like to know the truth about your product helping women in later years. Does it really help? How long does it take (about) to work if it does work for non post pregnancy women. You may not have any data for the older category female. Please text me back at the above gmail. Thanks. Joan


Hi..I’m 67.. but having thinning hair to in areas..would this benefit me?
Baby Blues replied:
Yes, we have many customers who are not considered postpartum that take our hair vitamins with great results. Hair loss from stress, environment, aging, and sickness are can benefit from our hair vitamins.

Betty Nava
Betty Nava

CAN u take these Whe n ur 6 months pregnant i see my hair is falli ng on my sides mire that iam pregnant now then befour


Great post. I have tried so many things to try to get my hair to grow back as I too lost a lot of hair postpartum and extreme stress. Seeing this makes me want to try these vitamins.

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