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Oily, Dry, or Itchy Scalp? Why a Scalp Facial might be just what you need!

If you would have told me a few years ago, that I would be highly invested in the inner workings of my scalp-- I would have casually laughed you off and told you "I use salon hair care" and "I'm good"

However, once you go through unfathomable postpartum oily hair, you become besties with google, and research any and everything that could be a remedy. 

Since the oiliness was obviously stemming from somewhere- the scalp seemed like the logical first step to research. 

Turns out your scalp and follicles really go through it postpartum...and a little SCALP FACIAL might  be just what's needed to reset, reduce oil secretion, and unclog those hair follicles.

So, what exactly is a scalp facial? 


What is a scalp facial?

Scalp facial

I consider myself a pretty "in the know" person when it comes to beauty and hair treatments, and while I've gotten my fair share of glorious facials; I had never even heard of a scalp facial.

Turns out the deep cleansing & mask ritual got a name upgrade and the "Scalp facial" was born & loved.

So what does it entail? 

Well, a scalp facial will vary slightly- but at its core it's a facial of the scalp that: starts with a deep cleanse, continues with a detoxifying/exfoliating scrub + massage, and finishes with a scalp mask to reduce oil secretion and unclog follicles.

Why You should try a Scalp Facial ASAP: 

Turns out simply massaging good quality shampoo on our scalps when we shower isn't enough! 

While shampoo is good and necessary to maintain scalp health daily; when postpartum hits, there is a whole reset to how sebum is regulating.

The reset also impacts how follicles are adapting, so its a good idea to ensure that the scalp is properly exfoliated-- and this is where a scalp facial comes in

With a deeper cleans that a scalp facial provides, you're able to remove product buildup; but also excess oil and impurities. 

The end game is you remove impurities and imbalances that create negative scalp conditions and instead allow your scalp to function at its best.

The scalp feeds the hair follicles and this just fuels it to function better-- which in the end results in healthier growing hair.  #hairgoals


Where do I get a Scalp Facial? 

scalp facial treatment

With a quick google search "scalp facial" _______ insert your city, I was able to find this treatment offered at some higher end hair salons and med-spa's. 

There were scalp facials designed to treat different conditions so make sure you are clear with what you are hoping to achieve.

For example, these are a few of the scalp treatments offered at my local salon, Le Monde Salon in Honolulu:

SCALP  DETOX RITUAL: Detoxifying treatment to purify and energize the scalp revealing naturally beautiful hair from roots to end.

SENSITIVE SCALP DETOX: Deep cleansing treatment to help calm and soothe irritated and itchy scalps.

PURIFYING RITUAL: Deep cleansing treatment for very oily scalps to reduce excess oil, remove impurities and restore balance to the scalp.

CLARIFYING RITUAL: Shine enhancing treatment to deeply cleanse hair of impurities and product buildup that cause dullness leaving hair smooth, shiny and radiant.

When I was going through it rough during postpartum (with excess oil and sebum production), the purifying ritual treatment became a lifesaver! 


How to maintain results:

Because a scalp treatment with massage will likely run you $85-$100 I like to make sure I can maintain that clean feeling as long as possible and not just until my next wash. 

Sure, with hormones at play you can only control so much but I've found I've had to make adjustments and swap out some of my favorite shampoos and conditioners; when my scalp is producing more oil.  

Your go to smoothing shampoo is likely- no longer the best fit during this time period - and you'll want to look at a clarifying shampoo if you are running oily, or a hydrating shampoo if your scalp is experiencing dryness.

What I've found to make a massive difference in the condition of my hair and scalp is to maintain a daily hair supplement as well, particularly one with a solid amount of  B vitamins.

One of the greatest benefits of B vitamins is their ability to balance the production of sebum - which is the oil on our skin and scalp.

Postpartum really throws our bodies for a loop and deficiencies and unbalances are plentiful. 

I eliminate this by taking the baby blues postpartum hair vitamins daily (2 Lilikoi gummies every day- easy to take with results that also include thicker, and shinier hair).   

Keep in mind that while made for postpartum, you don't have to be postpartum to take them, and I actually recommend any woman to start the baby blues hair vitamins because they really keep your hair and scalp balanced through stress, hormonal changes, and aging.

Baby Blues Postpartum Hair Loss Gummy Vitamins


I've personally noticed such a good difference in the quality of my scalp and hair while adding a scalp treatment about every 3 months.  Since I get them at my salon I'm able to schedule it alongside my hair trim for added convenience.

Let me know if you've tried a scalp facial and how you felt about the results.

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