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The Mom Cold and how elderberry gummies can prevent it!

The internet loves the man cold.  I admit, I have laughed too hard at the memes accurately describing how pathetic and overcome men get at the first sign of a sniffle.

The man cold meme

Men, not being able to leave the bed and requiring 24/7 care and pity.

Meanwhile... mom gets sick. Nothing and I mean nothing changes.  No days off. 

It doesn't matter if you didn't sleep the night before because you kept turning over to breathe through your one working nostril, you have lunches to pack.  

Your throat is on fire? oh too bad because you have 7:30 am drop off. 

sick mom while holding baby

The fantasy of Netflix, a cozy blanket, and chicken soup is just that... a fantasy. 

The last time I caught a cold with two kids under 6; the closest I got to pampering was steaming my clogged nostrils..... over my dishwasher after a clean cycle ended.

With my two boys back in school I'm all about prevention and minimizing cold symptoms and my secret weapon is elderberry gummies


How does elderberry prevent colds?

With fall and the start of flu season right around the corner I have been upping my cold prevention measures. 

The beginning of flu season starts in October but with back to school this month + the nightmare that is Covid, and their being no vaccine for the common cold (or seasonal allergies for that matter, which I've also suddenly developed)...

I've been turning to more natural ways to give my immune system a boost.  My favorite is elderberry gummies. 

Pharmacy Times writes that elderberry is considered one of the most powerful plants for preventing and treating colds. 

For years, it's been used to reduce symptoms in respiratory infections. 

Many people consider the elderberry plant one of the most powerful for preventing and treating colds, swearing by its antiviral properties.  

elderberry plant for immunity


The berries and flowers of the elderberry plant are so packed with antioxidants and vitamins that when consumed it can give your immune system a serious boost. 

Even to the point of lessening stress, taming inflammation, and protecting your heart. 

Elderberry antiviral properties:

Unless you live under a rock (and even then I would question it)... you've heard of a certain virus caused disease, making itself very comfortable right now. 

One of the best things I love about elderberry (and no, its not its tart delicious- almost like a sour skittle- berry flavor) .... is the thought process that it works as an antiviral. 

Elderberries contain a protein called hemagglutinin.  This protein has been shown to stop a virus from being able to replicate; basically by inhibiting its ability to penetrate our cell walls. 

This prevents it from causing infection; if you are taking it before you are exposed.

What's pretty amazing about elderberry though is, even if you are exposed; when taken after an infection it keeps the virus from spreading; which in turn reduces the duration of cold symptoms. 

Pharmacy Times even did a few blind tests and the results showed those taking elderberry had relief from symptoms consistently 4 days earlier than those who took placebo's of it. 

The Quick recap: 

Elderberry supplements are naturally packed with nutrients and extracts to prevent and minimize illness.  

Preventative Benefits:

 If you are taking elderberry preventatively, they give your body armor - made up of vitamins and minerals to prepare it in the event you do catch something. 

Meanwhile elderberry treats inflammation and helps reduce symptoms.. Yes,  even allergy symptoms (your nostrils will thank you trust me). 

For Cold and Flu Symptoms:

Research supports that elderberry is effective in fighting strains of the flu virus and when taken as soon as you experience symptoms, elderberry gummies can cut symptom duration in half.

Popping a few elderberry gummies a day might not get you a Netflix marathon and the R&R you truly deserve, but it will likely prevent some icky colds and get you feeling better quicker. 

Oh, and the next time the man cold makes an appearance in your household; you can shut that down real quick by sharing. 

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