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Will cutting my hair help with postpartum hair loss?

I don't know a single mom who at some point in the months after delivery doesn't contemplate cutting their hair.  Not a one. 

Maybe it's the fluctuating hormones, or the postpartum hair loss, or the grabby hands of an infant with a death-grip that's set on eliminating your strands.  

Whatever the reason, it's highly likely that around 3-4 months postpartum your google search will include images for haircut inspo. 

Mom getting a haircut

Will cutting my hair help with the shedding? 

Postpartum hair loss is undoubtedly annoying and looking at a reflection of increasingly thinning hair is a blow no mom deserves.  Getting a cut does have its benefits.

  1. Get rid of dead/breaking ends:  While trimming your hair and split ends won't make it stop shedding, it will encourage growth.

    Once you have a split end, it will continue to split which results in breakage. Hair without splits will appear thicker, healthier, and shinier.

    After a cut is the best time to put healthy hair habits in place too.

    This includes using heat protectants when styling and taking hair vitamins (Pro tip: The baby blues passion fruit postpartum hair vitamin gummies will blow your mind and your hair will thank you)  to support healthy hair growth and shine. 

  2. 2. Give the illusion of fuller hair: A good stylist will be able to give you recommendations on how to create the illusion of fullness with your face shape.

    Shorter hair tends to look fuller without much effort. Angled, tossled, or blunt bobs are other ultra full producing haircuts.  

  3. Less tangles: Shorter hair tends not to knot up as easily. Trying to get a brush through tangled hair is a stressor and can definitely lead to more breakage. More breakage= faster hair fall. 

Hormonal shed isn't coming from breakage though, so while a haircut can give the illusion of fullness and get rid of dead ends it wouldn't eliminate the shedding that comes from TE (telogen effluvium).

Baby pulling moms hair

Baby Hercules learned to pull:

Babies learn to pull (hair) basically from birth. 

You are their security blanket, and they are making sure you are still there... you know... with the always annoying "ouch" hair pull test. 

As they get older you may find them communicating by pulling your hair.  "I don't want to get put down" PUUUUUUULL.   "Nap time? No way!" YAAAAANK 

Your little baby genius may be the reason you consider a chop.

Something new for YOU

This could be really great or really devastating. There is no in between with a hair cut when emotions are running high. 

Postpartum is a wild ride and honestly before you decide to change your look drastically make sure you are in an ok place. 

That said a new fun or sassy cut can be just what you need to feel fresh and reenergized and more than ....just a mom.  Because you are so so much more!

It's too easy to fall into a funk of being hard on yourself and just truly run down. 

A little "me time" and that scalp massage ... (you know the one), might be the pick-me-up you need to start feeling like yourself again. 

shampoo and scalp massage

If you've been trying to grow your hair forever or just aren't ready for a chop yet don't worry.  Be good to your hair (giving it a good hair mask or deep condition can be super rewarding), keep up your hair vitamins... and scroll to the end because these images might cause you to call your stylist. 


sexy momThis first one gives me serious "I'm still a sexy mom" vibes. 

 short full hair

Holy fullness. If you are trying to give that fuller hair illusion the image above might be for you. Give me all the layers. 

chic short hair

Ultra chic and classy. This is a style that gives thin hair life. 

side part mom cut

The side-part and waves deliver a double dose of volume

curly mom hair cut

Curls of my dreams with a cut that delivers volume and I'm a cool mom aura.

sexy side part mom chop

Side part and imperfectly straight hair.. #goals

longer bob

This chopped textured look delivers personality even if all you are feeling is tired mommy.

layers on a mom lob

It's so beautiful and looks incredibly on any face shape! A great transition chop if you aren't sure how short you want to commit to. Hair looks healthy and you can still pull back (with a soft srunchie to minimize damage). 

kourtney kardashian mom chop

If you aren't already inspired, here the ultimate cool mom Kourtney Kardashian debuts her new short hair and honestly she's never looked happier... ok that might be love, but it might not NOT be the hair. =) 


So should you be calling your stylist STAT? 

Well, I just wrote a blog about "should you cut your hair after having a new baby" and had to stop mid-way through to book myself a haircut. Not an exaggeration...and also, since when can I not even book an appt. in the month I'm calling in. 

"He can see you in October." October? I'm calling you in August! (This may have to do more with my impossible schedule as a new mom...

"well she feeds right now from 10-11 and then naps at 12 so does he have anything right at 12:15?"


Ok back to you. The truth is postpartum is rough and the baby blues are a real thing.

If you've been growing your hair for years and are feeling like you are in a rut, it might be bigger than your hair. 

However, if you are looking for a pick me up and have dead ends that have goooot to go, then let this be your sign. 

Postpartum hair loss socks and this could be a great way to get rid of some dead ends and give illusion of a thicker, healthier head of hair. 

...and of course if you do get the chop and instantly regret it. There's always super delicious passion fruit hair vitamins  to take the edge off =). 

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