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When should you brush your postpartum hair?

One of the biggest haircare mistakes (even if you didn't recently deliver and are experiencing unprecedented hair fall) is brushing wet hair.  Over-brushing, in general, can cause breakage; but brushing hair that is wet, now that's one of the worst damage-inducing things you can do to your strands.  Here's why: Hair is weakest when it’s wet, and wet hair is more prone to tangling. Postpartum shower scaries can already result from seeing hair fall; but to minimize breakage on top of that and to prevent shower-induced snarls, give your hair a brush before hopping in. Now if you are adamant and like to brush in the shower or feel it's the only way to detangle, then lather on the deep conditioner...

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Why is my scalp so itchy after having my baby?

You may have noticed that your scalp started to itch during pregnancy or postpartum.  With hormone levels raised our scalps become engorged with liquids and this can cause a tingling, painful sensation in the nerve along with severe itchiness.  Sebum is the oil produced on our scalps and the increase in hormones can cause it to increase as well. Those with greasy scalps postpartum are also more prone to sensitivities that include itch, and even some pain, as the hair shaft can become plugged.  Getting sebum production under control is important for relieving itchiness, and here's how to do it. 

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My scalp is so oily after having a baby! What can I do?

There are some things about the 4th trimester that I had a vague awareness of.  The way my body would look after delivery was a big one (shout out to all the Moms posting real photos on IG so I wasn't disillusioned). The lack of sleep I had been warned about, but you never fully grasp it until you are in it.  I wasn't informed I would be a constant milk machine, or that I would leave little trails of hair wherever I went like glitter ...except not glitter, and oh you better pick every little hair up or it could wrap around your babies toe and cause the blood to stop circulating (insert constant panic). I also had zero clue was...

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